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Joyful Learning: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Language Journey

Author: Carmen Gullotta

Publication date: 28.05.2024

In today’s interconnected world learning a new language has become fundamental. Employers increasingly view it as a vital skill required for employment.

Indeed, not only does this important skill enhance your communication capacities, opening up a wider range of job opportunities on a global scale, but it also plays an important part in your self-improvement journey as it challenges the brain building resilience, patience and adaptability.

Learning a new language can be exciting and fulfilling. However, no matter how badly we want it, it’s not always easy to stay on top with the work that has to be done to get to speak a language fluently. The path to mastery of a language is unquestionably hard and full of obstacles to overcome.


Nevertheless, there are ways that you can get through these hurdles without feeling overwhelmed; four main tricks you can use to stay motivated during your language learning routine and, eventually, attain your goal and reach your full capacity with success and pride.

Four main tricks to stay on track

Without further ado, let’s explore the four primary methods of transforming your language journey into an enjoyable adventure:


1. Do not exclusively use written resources such as physical textbooks or online databases! Instead, make the activity engaging through the consumption of different kinds of contents in the language you're learning. You can watch movies, tv shows or youtube videos, read books of your favourite genre or listen to podcasts and music. This way, you’re learning a language “passively” because you’re absorbing the notions without making any effort yourself. Instead, you engage with things that you’re passionate about and would most likely do regardless. This is 100% proven to be one of the most fun and efficient ways to learn a new language.

2. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone! It is of great importance to expose yourself to new experiences and this holds true in every aspect of life. Go for it even when you’re afraid it won’t turn out as you hoped. If that’s the case, you would still learn a valuable lesson for your personal growth. You have to be out and about, look for people with an interest in the same language and make an effort to connect with them. Together, you can practice the idiom as well as sharing ideas and obtain and provide feedback on your improvement.


Remember, they might be struggling like you, thinking they should give up. Here is when you work together to grow stronger and build your resilience. This method will definitely help you stay motivated, especially when you seem like you’re not making any progress and things get extremely hard.

3. Schedule your learning routine the right way! This varies from one person to another depending on your daily commitment but, to keep yourself engaged with the language you’re learning you need to set a good balanced schedule. You could take a break every half an hour of your session while engaging in activities that are fun or relaxing to you. Alternatively, take a moment to make yourself a beverage of your choice or prepare a snack before returning to your work.


This is the perfect way not to get overwhelmed by your workload and keep yourself excited for more language learning.


4. Be happy about the slightest win! It is far too easy to celebrate major successes but we don’t appreciate smaller achievements enough. We should make an effort to find joy in the slightest accomplishments and find a way to reward ourselves for that. This will certainly serve you as a booster of confidence over your work and therefore motivate you further to keep the work up.



Wrapping Up: Maintaining Motivation in Your Language Learning Journey

To sum up, maintaining motivation throughout your language learning journey is the main key for success. By incorporating the four strategies discussed in this article, such as diversifying your learning methods and celebrating small victories, you’ll be more inclined to stay committed to language learning.

Always remember that setbacks are natural and more common than you might think, but with perseverance and a positive mindset you will beat any adversity you’ll encounter on the way, becoming more resilient as you advance towards success!


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