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How to Keep Balance between Working and Exercising

Updated: Jan 31

The author Shaina Peek of the article:" How to keep a balance between working and exercising "

Author: Shaina Peek

Publication date: 03.10.2023

Whether working from home or working at the office, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to work out. Long working hours and short deadlines can take up a lot of time. Therefore, this article will give some tips to ensure that you are living a healthy work-life balance.

Moving while at the office

If you work at the office, try to choose the more active options. Most importantly, try to find different commuting ways. If possible, use the bike to go to work, or park the car a bit further away so that you walk more. What’s more, try to take the stairs more instead of the elevator. Apart from that, during breaks, consider taking a quick stroll outside. Not only will you be stretching your legs, but you are also getting some fresh air.

Outside meetings

Outside workouts

Whether working online or in the office, try to schedule certain meetings outside. With your team, you can have a meeting outdoors, like in a park. When attending online meetings, you can also find a park or a café to walk to. Due to changing the working locations, you have the opportunity to engage inphysical activity.

Schedule time for exercising

Schedule time for exercising

In order to make sure that you actually follow through on your plans, schedule a time for working out. For example, after work, plan an hour for exercising. Bringing your sports clothing with you offers extra encouragement to uphold your schedule. Having the necessary equipment and a clear schedule helps in successfully completing the task. So, scheduling is important to set a requirement for yourself.

Exercise while seated

Although it might not sound true, you can work out while sitting. There are exercises for burning calories, as well as using your muscles. For these exercises, you can use the platform YouTube. There are a lot of different videos offering an exercise routine. Some videos are only five to ten minutes. However, be sure to find a video that fits your body. So, try to experiment with different videos and exercises and find one that you like.

Join a work-out group

If you still struggle with finding the motivation to actually work out, consider joining a group. Spending money on a membership might offer you enough push to go work out. Also, having other people expecting your presence might increase your willingness to show up. Therefore, try to find a group to work with. First, find a sport that you actually enjoy doing. Then, try to connect with people, so that you have social contacts to look forward to when exercising.

Work out with the family

Having a busy job and coming home to a full house can sound challenging for having free time. However, you can also invite your family to join you when exercising. For example, you can take your kids to the playground. Or, you can do groceries together, deciding to bike or walk instead of taking the car. If you don’t want to leave the house, maybe play with your kids in the garden. Play football together or play a game of tag. Not only are you exercising, but you are also spending time with your family.

Do you want to balance your work and workout?

If so, try to use every minute of free time to be moving. Taking a quick stroll or doing a few exercises at your desk can already improve your physical health. Only a few minutes of working out can help you be more healthy. In other words, try to avoid cars and elevators. Exercising more not only improves your health, it also makes you feel better about yourself. Therefore, try to use your time wisely and continue to motivate yourself.


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