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How to establish an online presence

Updated: Feb 6

 Author of the article titled how to establish online presence is Shaina Peek

Author: Shaina Peek

Publication date: 30.08.2023

According to SproutSocial, the Covid pandemic caused an increase in the use of social media. 55% of consumers used social media to learn about new brands. So, the current digital period makes technology an important tool for business growth.

Why social media?

Based on the data above, establishing an online presence is best done through social media platforms. Consumers are frequently active on these platforms, which allows more exposure. Besides this, social media is a good research tool for current trends. With the wide consumer base, behavioral trends can be assessed. Also, using current social trends can help in creating posts that go viral.

A step-by-step guide

Principally, before creating accounts, it is important to establish the business itself. Research the behavior of the target audience. Find keywords and trends that they use. Based on this research, present the business in a way that you think fits the audience. What type of relationship do you want to have with customers? In short, do enough research and know your business before starting the next steps.

Website creation

First, before promoting the business, it is important to create a complete one. Start with building a website. There are devices to help with this, like WIX. It is also possible to hire a third party for this. The website will have the name and brand of the company. Make sure to include enough information on the website to make consumers feel included. What's more, you should create a trusting bond by sharing the goals and values of the company. Therefore, be sure to use keywords in these descriptions so that internet searches are more effective.

establish online presence on social media

Social media presence

Additionally, create accounts on all social media sites. Although it is not necessary to use each of them, it is important to own the name of the brand. Afterward, decide on which platforms to focus on most. The previous research and personal preference are deciding factors for this choice. Put a link to the company website in the introduction. Putting in clickable links is less time-consuming for consumers, thereby increasing interest. For keywords, use hashtags that can be used by other people and can be spread through them.

Marketing strategy

Then, decide on the marketing tools used on the social platforms. There are multiple options like videos, texts, or pictures. Animated videos and promotional pictures can also be made by third parties, or by finding online tools and learning for yourself. Either post on a personal account or create partnerships with other businesses or influencers. Their bigger audience allows for a bigger target group.

Determining the results

To determine growth in your online presence, multiple data can be looked at. For social media, an increase in followers shows an increase in brand awareness. The use of hashtags also determines popularity. For the website, look at the number of times that it has been visited. Most importantly, an increase in sales is the clearest determinator of business growth.

A successful online presence

After analyzing the results, determine if there has been a positive change for the company. If so, continue with your marketing strategy. If not, research the target group again. Create a new marketing strategy and start from the first step. Although this might be disappointing, remember that growing a business is hard and takes effort. So, determination leads to progress and growth.


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