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How to avoid pinkwashing on women’s day

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Author of the article

Author: Simone Bellezza

Date of Publication: 10/03/2023

On the 8th of March of every year, basically, all the marketers tend to speak up about women’s force, abilities, and achievements just on this day. This seems to be a problem sometimes. Let’s see why and how to not do it. March 8th is the day of International Women’s Day (IWD) and corporations try to be perceivedas inclusive and respectful for diversity and gender orientation. Sometimes, through these marketing actions they try to diminish past negative actions or divert attention from them. Evenwhen in fact, the organization has policies in place that show almost the contrary. This is called‘pinkwashing’.

women, diversity, marketing actions, pinkwashing, womens day,  strategy, brand

What is Pinkwashing ?

“Pink-washing” is a type of mischievous behavior from corporations, countries, or governments trying to project a positive image and friendliness towards the women's community. That sort of marketing strategy created around a social issue can be seen also as ‘brand activism’ that indicates ‘’how progressive businesses are taking stands to create a better world’’.

women, diversity, marketing actions, pinkwashing, womens day,  strategy, brand

People and customers want their brands to advocate for the same values and beliefs they hold. So, brands have to highlight the opportunity to empower progressive activism and to communicate it. In particular, activism, for brands, means brand positioning and brand loyalty, through integrating brand purpose with tangible actions to pursue brand awareness beyond profit. So, customers want their brands to be politically involved, and eco-friendly to create a safe work environment for all.

How to avoid it

women, diversity, marketing actions, pinkwashing, womens day,  strategy, brand

Customers are now aware of the power of their wallets so it is important that brands really do and believe in what they communicate.

Corporations have to:

  • Believe in purpose, not in the hype: don’t copy the same strategies of the other brands. Analyze the purpose of your brand and match it with an ideal scenario that is honest and really represents it. Also, avoid empty gestures.

  • Be inclusive and prove it: you cannot say you care about diversity and a body-positive image if your advertising campaigns include conventional beauty tropes. This relates to internal employee rules that ensure inclusive teams as well as outward communication.

  • Connect with organizations that make actions for real: Establish a long-term connection with local groups that assist with health, social, or educational challenges and discuss creative strategies to align the brand with the cause. You can also donate revenues.

Social cause is not a trend

women, diversity, marketing actions, pinkwashing, womens day,  strategy, brand

Social cause advocacy is not and never will be a trend. Their communication strategy, brands need to strive for honesty and empathy. In fact, there is no time to squander; commitment matters.

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