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“How a Twitter Account can bring profit to your Business"

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Author of the article

Author: Kanzada Nurkamilova

Date of Publication: 12/03/2023

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is also becoming a relevant marketing platform for business. According to last year's statistics in 2022, Twitter was among the 7 top social media platforms in the world. Nowadays Twitter has a monthly active of 450 million users, which means in 10 years it will increase by 15 % from 2010. By researching, it is a good index for giant companies, especially in terms of high competition in the field of Media.

History of Twitter usage

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Twitter was launched in March 2006 with friends Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone. Dorsey's idea was a platform that allowed users to share short messages with groups of people, similar to sending text messages. In particular, the first Twitter prototype was developed by Dorsey and Florian Weber, the main idea was for internal communication between employees of Odeo. However, like all social networks, Twitter first announced in April 2010 that it would begin showing ads. Since then it's revealed Promoted Tweets and Promoted accounts, which let businesses pay to get their updates seen and their profiles followed.

Why do we need a Twitter account?

People are everything. Wherever you find many people in one place, there are definitely great earning opportunities. Actually, that's what Twitter offers to everyone - a platform with millions of people in one place. Plus the speed of dissemination of information. To date, Twitter is the fastest exchange of information in the world. This is because it allows you to quickly announce your new product, receive prompt feedback and stay up to date on what is happening.

How to get promoted on Twitter?

Twitter is offering businesses the opportunity to partner with it and help solve problems with their many customers. So, if you run a marketing and advertising technology company, you can become an official data processing partner of Twitter. This is a very good and profitable partnership if your organization meets the requirements.

Twitter, social media, Twitter account, promotion, product, marketing

You can actually make money on Twitter. There are companies, organizations, and brands that are willing to pay you money for tweets. This is actually one of the most popular ways if you are looking at how to make money on Twitter. In addition to that, you can make money on Twitter by selling your own products. If you are planning on making big money and building a sustainable business on Twitter, then consider this option. Last, Twitter can help you gain traffic to your blog or YouTube channel. Then from your blog or YouTube channel, you can make money from traffic with services like Google Adsense.


Selling your own product can make a lot of money if you can master it. Affiliate marketing is good too. Whether it's passive income or big money, there's a chance for everyone to make money on Twitter.

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