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Clashes on the origin of Covid Repartee USA-China

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Christian Bruno, author of the article with title "Clashes on the origin of Covid Repartee USA-China"

Author: Christian Bruno

Date of Publication: 01/11/2022

USA - View - Covid - Virus - Clashes on the origin of Covid Repartee USA-China

These days there is much talk about the probable escape of covid 19 from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. The information is archived and will be released soon according to Dr Alina Chan. Covid originally has a unique feature, known as furin cleavage site, and without it the pandemic wouldn’t have happened in 2020. A US-based non-governmental organisation named “EcoHealth” and the Wuhan Virology Institute were developing a system for inserting new furin cleavage sites. China is preparing to examine 200,000 blood samples taken from the inhabitants of Wuhan, to try to understand how and when the coronavirus appeared and what its origin was. Through a recent interview, Chinese officials said that blood bank samples were kept for 2 years.

Federative and political entity Usa-China

American intelligence has 22,000 documents in its hands that will serve to clarify the hypothesis of the accidental escape of the virus. Joe Biden gave intelligence 90 days in May 2022 to compile a report on the virus’s origins.

Chinese counter-response

China, on its part, says that the White House adopts every strategy to defame them and throw mud at the Chinese nation.

Remarks by Worobey

According to the scientist Michael Worobey, the virus of the first patients admitted came from the markets. Actually he noted differences between information and interviews in China and he came to this conclusion. According to another study, many symptomatic cases were linked to raccoons being locked in cages.

Remarks By Giorgio Palù

The President of Aifa, Giorgio Palù speaks about the manipulation for research purposes. In the gene that produces the spike protein appears as if it were in a 19-letter sequence belonging to a human gene absent from the genomes of any virus.

Remarks by Shi Zengli

According to Professor Shi Zhengli, the covid may have been genetically modified in the lab. In February 2020, a bat coronavirus was discovered, known as RaTG13 by Dr Shi. It was uploaded to GenBank, a global genome database. Jesse Bloom recovered the files, reconstructing the partial sequences of 13 early pandemic viruses.

Remarks by Jesse Bloom

According to Bloom, some Chinese researchers collected virus samples from those who had it first, publishing the sequences on an American database and then removed to obscure its existence. A Chinese researcher explained that the information published on the sequences had been updated and published on another database. For Bloom the markets wouldn’t have been the places from which the covid would have expanded.

Origins of virus for American researcher

The researcher explains that in the SarsCov2 virus samples collected in some patients, connected to the Wuhan fish market, there are three mutations absent from the coronavirus sequences he reconstructed or in the "cousins" of the virus more similar to SarsCov2, discovered by the Wuhan Institute of Virology in bats in 2013.

Message of hope for the world

In conclusion, we hope that the truth about the origin of the virus will come out soon. But what the whole world hopes is that we can do without the masks as soon as possible.


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