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The Importance of a Good Leadership

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Ludovica from Vision Factory

Author: Ludovica Rinaldi

Date of Publication: 19/02/2023

Are you the head of a company and want to know if you are a good leader? Or are

you an employee in a company and wish to know if your boss is a good leader? Let´s

find out the importance of a good leadership together!

A good leadership is achieved by having authority and impressiveness. In such cases, it is essential that they know how to make choices quickly as well as organise work. Therefore, good leaders should show workers how to carry out their responsibilities

effectively and regularly supervise the completion of their tasks. Based on that, let’s

say that a good leader is one who possesses effective leadership.

Man and Woman shaking hands

How to Achieve a Good Leadership?

Leadership is the direction that is given to a company and its workers. In particular, it’s the ability to :

Manage a company.

Set and achieve ambitious goals.

Taking quick and decisive action when necessary to solve problems.

Outperform the competition.

Inspire others to perform at the highest level possible.

In fact, individuals with strong leadership skills often achieve high-level executive

positions. However, there are leaders who set their leadership style on different

principles and dynamics. Thus, we can say that there are two types of leadership


"Positive" leadership, which promotes well-being in the work environment.

"Negative" leadership, which goes on to destroy contexts and make them

unlivable and unproductive.

It is easier to recognize the negative and harmful ones, than the positive ones. This is

because more and more attention is given to negative experiences, without giving

weight to positive contexts.

Importance of a Good Leadership

Let's analyze together the characteristics that make a good leadership works:

Collaboration with employees

• Having and sharing one´s vision

The leader must have a goal and be able to convey their vision clearly and


• Leading by example

The leader´s behavior must be inspirational and they have to follow up words

with actions to build trust.

• Show integrity

The leader must be sure of what is right and what is wrong. In addition, they should

have a strong character, keep promises, and communicate openly, honestly, and directly. Those who demonstrate integrity through daily actions gain loyalty, trust and respect from their employees.

• Communicate effectively

The ability to communicate clearly, concisely and diplomatically is an

indispensable quality for a leader.

• Making difficult decisions

The leader must first determine what they want to achieve. Afterwards, they have

to consider the likely consequences of each decision and every possible

alternative. So, they will make the final decision with conviction, take

responsibility for it, and carry it out.

• Recognize and appreciate success

People need to know that their work will be valued and appreciated so that they

can engage and contribute their best. Therefore, a leader must find ways to

reward the team´s achievements.

• Delegate

Great leaders know that people need to feel that the work is their own and to believe that what they are doing is important. Thus, it’s important to give autonomy and decision-making power to workers.

• Motivate and inspire

A leader must lead the team with passion, enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation.

• Flexibility

A leader should be able to adapt to change and moderate the unexpected.

• Empathy

A leader has to understand and act with workers´ needs and viewpoints in mind, and above all, help when necessary.

The Healthy Narcissist

Leadership style also depends on the personality. For example, one type of leader

increasingly found in business is the narcissist. In particular, narcissists like to be the

center of attention and gain appreciation from those around them. Therefore,

narcissism isn´t always a pathology. In fact sometimes it is a good characteristic to

possess in order to succeed.

Team work, group work

Among the many leaders who adopt negative leadership, there are also those who make a difference and establish positive relationships with their employees. Thus they mainly create a positive and collaborative environment within the work environment. In this case, we can also speak of "healthy narcissism" in that the leader uses their own personality trait successfully for the company´s productivity.


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