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AI : how singers react to songs made with the artificial intelligence

Publication date : 11.06.2024

Nowadays it is more and more frequent to hear about artificial intelligence. This in fact gradually began to come into contact with many fields of our reality. One of the areas in which artificial intelligence has made its entrance is that of music.


If previously this was part and was exploited within the field of music mainly by algorithms to analyze the songs heard by users and suggest similar, Today his role is much more active in fact this is able to create real songs.


Opinions on this are varied, it is undeniable that these advances in technology are innovative and are initially appreciated. In this case, however, the use of artificial intelligence for the creation of songs has created many discontented in those who work in this field, leading to real protests by singers and musicians because threatened by these new technologies.

Real and artificial: are they the same thing?


The possibility of being able to create real songs with artificial intelligence is certainly something innovative and amazing, so much so that listeners in many cases have appreciated the songs made.


This leads us to ask a question, a song made by a musician and one made by artificial intelligence are the same thing? Initially we could answer this question with a yes, but in reality it is not so real. Although you can get beautiful accompanying sounds, it lacks the main ingredient that is the basis of writing a song, that is, all the feelings and emotions that led to the realization of that text. Emotions that only man today can prove.


Musicians and singers are the first to have this thought. Many of them believe that the lack of a feeling and meaning behind the words used to make the text or even the lack of originality of the sounds, makes songs made with artificial intelligence recognizable because all similar to each other and copies of real songs.



The thought of singers and musicians


The reaction of all those who work in the music industry, from singers, musicians to all artists, has not been very positive towards the artificial intelligence used in the music industry. This for two main reasons, one is the fact that artificial intelligence to train its models uses copyrighted audio and tracks. As a result, it replaces the work of many artists with the generation of numerous sounds, thus influencing their gain.


A second reason that leads various artists to be against this irresponsible use of artificial intelligence is the fact that it goes to hit one of the main essences of music, emotions and feelings. What the human being hears and then leads him to create songs, aspect that is missing in the works made by artificial intelligence.


In this regard, more than 200 artists took part in the petition where it requires a more correct and limited use of artificial intelligence within generative music. Despite the various petitions, generative artificial intelligence does not stop and this worries all those who work in this area.





In conclusion we can say that this ability of artificial intelligence to succeed with a single 15-second sample to replicate the voice of a person, almost identically, on one hand it may seem something amazing, because it shows us how technology is becoming more and more developed and sophisticated.


On the other hand this is a great threat to the music industry. This is because doing it with the voice of a singer would risk affecting the listener’s ability to distinguish a song generated by a real singer, from one generated by artificial intelligence.


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