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8 Practices for Wix SEO

Updated: Jan 26

The author Jelena Corovic of the article:" 8 Practices for Wix SEO".

Publication date: 03.01.2024

If you're into website building or exploring website builders, you've probably come across Wix. More specifically, Wix is known for its efforts to enhance SEO and provide guidance to website owners aiming to boost their site's visibility. This article breaks down some simple SEO practices to improve your Wix website rankings

1. Utilize Wix SEO Wiz

To kickstart your optimization journey, make use of Wix SEO Wiz. It's a free tool that enables you to optimize your content. The SEO Wiz provides a step-by-step plan, identifies areas for improvement, and offers advice on enhancing SEO. What’s more, it offers easy-to-follow tutorials, tracking capabilities, and access to various SEO articles.

2. Include Long Tail Keywords

Beyond regular keywords, you should consider long tail keywords. These are specific phrases with lower search volumes, like "best-running shoes for narrow feet'' instead of the broader term "running shoe." Utilize free tools such as Ubersuggest, Google’s Autocomplete, and to find relevant long tail keywords.

3. Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

Opt for a mobile-friendly (responsive) website to make it accessible from any device. Actually, Google considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, and with more users on mobile devices, it ensures a seamless experience for visitors.

4. Improve Local SEO

For businesses with physical locations, focus on local SEO. This involves on-site and off-site optimization, including building backlinks and getting reviews relevant to your location. It's particularly beneficial for small businesses like restaurants or beauty salons.

5. Create a Sitemap

Sitemaps are crucial for providing visitors with an overview of your site's structure and helping search engines index your site efficiently. In fact, they serve as a navigation guide for visitors and allow webmasters to understand user interactions.

 a navigation guide for visitors

6. Utilize Wix SEO Tools

Wix SEO offers more than just a plan. In particular, it provides various tools for improvement, including analytics, a professional-looking blog and a strong infrastructure for organic search. Besides these, it offers customizations for slugs, meta tags, and structured data.

7. Set Up Google Search Console and Analytics

Google Search Console gives you insights for your website's performance in Google search results. Monitor keywords, detect errors, and understand user interactions. In addition, it offers valuable data on user behavior and the origins and destinations of your site's traffic.

8. Consistently Publish Quality Content

Regularly posting quality content on your blog is essential for generating traffic and building backlinks. This not only attracts visitors but also contributes to better search results for those finding your site through Google Search.

How to improve the SEO of your Wix site

In conclusion, optimizing your Wix website for SEO involves a combination of tools, keyword strategies, mobile-friendliness, local SEO, sitemaps, and consistent content creation. By implementing these practices, you can enhance your website's visibility and performance in search engine rankings.


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