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Author: Loris D'angelo

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Date of publication: 23/03/2022

What’s LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded in Mountain View, California, in December 2022 by Reid Hoffman. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, which we can say are more recreational, LinkedIn is for professional connections and work.

Following its launch in 2003, it reached 1 million users in just one year. In 2016 Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion but they allowed LinkedIn to retain its distinct brand, culture, and independence.

LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and “connect” with each other in an online social network.

Despite being a young platform, 19 years old, the site grew each year and now a lot of companies or young students have LinkedIn to expand their connections to improve their profile.

Just as the title of the article says, we will recommend you the best things to do for a better LinkedIn profile in order to be more attractive to companies or employers candidates, because having a good profile on LinkedIn can get you more working possibilities.



1-Upload a great profile picture :

Your picture is what people will see when they visit your profile, so it has to be professional, recent and your face has to take up around 70% of it.

2-Set a Background photo:

It’s really important to add a Background photo because it grabs people's attention and shows them a little more the person that you are.

3-Strong and clear Headline:

The Headline is not just for your job title, but you should use it to say something about you, your role in your company, and what you do there.

4- Your summary must convince others of your quality

The summary is one if not the most important thing in LinkedIn, because it’s like a story of your experience, achievements, and also things that you like.[1]

5- Use the so called Buzzwords

Buzzwords are adjectives used on LinkedIn to add quality to your summarization. These special terms are like ‘specialized’, ‘leadership’, ‘focused’, ‘strategic’, ‘experienced’, creative’, ‘innovative’ and ‘certified, but after adding them you have to demonstrate that they are true.

6- Your network is your child:

You have to grow it and take care of it each day, because when you have a big network you have also more possibilities and chances that the company notes you.[2]

7- Make a list of your best skills:

This is really important to do because it shows to other people what you do best and what you can do. Remember that you have to add just the skills that are more relevant to you.

8- Fill out the services space:

You need to do it, because it will boost your visibility on the search results.

9- Give your endorsement to other people:

This is a kind action to give people who you believe have proven their skills and also it gives you a chance to be endorsed by them back. Remember to endorse people skills that it matters to you and try to not do it randomly.

10- Always manage your endorsement:

You can have a lot of endorsements but if you don’t want to show some of them, you can add your list and you can hide the ones that you want to be hidden.[3]

11- Take a skills assessment:

It’s very useful and also important to take a skills assessment, because it enables you to see how much you are in some fields and also you can display a Verified Skills badge on your LinkedIn profile.[4]

12- Post new contents:

It’s very important to post new contents on your profile but also to share media, because it can show to other people that you are active and also it demonstrates passion and commitment.[5]

13- Request endorsements:

Most people don't consider endorsements, but it’s really important to ask for them. It gives people the insight of the LinkedIn profile in question and it gives also an idea in which things you’re valued for.

14- Follow your interests:

Always follow people that you find interesting on LinkedIn, because they can give you new ideas and new information about various types of fields[6] . It’s a small task to do but you could gain a lot by doing it.

15- Update your location constantly:

I know that you are reading this and you are asking yourself “<why is it so important to update your location constantly?>” This is a good question and it’s really important to do that. The reason is because companies will be more eager to write to you if you live or you are in the same country as them.

16- Be active on adding comments:

It’s a task that doesn't require much time, but it’s important to do it because sharing is great. Well-expressed comments can give you an advantage to get to know other people and also to establish your opinion or leadership.

17- Don’t forget to sync your profile:

Your email must be synced with your email address, because people can connect with you privately but also LinkedIn gives you recommendations based on your profile such as profile with similar interests or offer endorsements for your skills.[7]

18- Be always active with your profile:

You need to be active on your profile, because you cannot let your profile slide for too long. A part for making more connections, you should always update your profile with new information about your job or some achievement that you’ve made or some projects you’ve obtained. This is very important, because it does show your consistency, but also that you’re continuing to grow and learn.

These are some recommendations for making the most out of your LinkedIn’s profile and to be able to savor the benefits of this social platform. However, last but not least, you should not focus all of your daily hours on finishing and following all these tasks. You have to work hard but do not take up too much of your time. I recommend you set aside a few minutes during lunchtime or in the evenings. In this way, you will make up all the tasks to build a stronger and better LinkedIn profile.

2022 will be the start of your success!


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