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16 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

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LinkedIn launched in 2003. In just one year, it reached 1 million users. Unlike other social network, LinkedIn is for professional connections and work. Members can create profiles and “connect” with each other in the online social network. Nowadays, lots of companies, workers, and students use LinkedIn to expand their business connections. Therefore, we will give recommendations to improve your LinkedIn profile. Consequently, this will provide more working possibilities.



1. Upload a great LinkedIn profile picture

Your picture is what people will see when they visit your profile. Therefore, use a recent and high-quality photo, with your face visible.

2. Set a background photo

3. Strong and clear headline

The headline does not only include the job title. Additionally, it can be used to introduce yourself and give more context about your job.

4. A convincing summary

The summary allows you to talk about your experiences, achievements, and interests. Also, this helps relate your qualities to previous experiences.

5. Use buzzwords

Buzzwords are adjectives that add quality to summaries. For example, ‘specialized’, ‘leadership’, ‘experienced’, and so on. However, don’t simply add these words, make sure to also have proof of you having these qualities.

6. Consistency with Linkedin

In order for your LinkedIn profile to grow, consistency is necessary. Therefore, it’s important to be active every day.

7. List your best skills

Nowadays, recruiters look a lot at skills for job openings. Thus, it’s important to add skills that are relevant to you.

8. Fill out the service space

Completing the entire LinkedIn profile is beneficial. Doing so will boost your visibility on the search results.

9. Give and manage endorsement

If you have connections that you feel have sufficient skills, you can choose to endorse them. This might encourage them to endorse you back. Furthermore, you can hide endorsements if you want to.

10. Take a skills assessment

Taking a skills assessment allows you to see your progress in some fields. Additionally, you can display a Verified Skills badge on your LinkedIn profile.

11. Request endorsement

Endorsements give people insight into your LinkedIn profile and show what you’re valued for.

12. Follow your interests

Following people that you admire can give you new ideas and inform you about the fields of interest.

13. Regularly update your location

Especially if you’re looking for a job, it’s important that your location is correct. Then, you might receive interest from companies close-by.

14. Comment on other posts

By engaging with other people, you establish your opinion and leadership. Also, it might encourage them to reach out to you.

15. Sync your profile

You can sync your email address to your LinkedIn profile. Consequently, people can connect with your privately. Furthermore, LinkedIn gives recommendations from your contact list.

16. Be active

By regularly posting or showing activity, other people know that you are active. Also, keeping your profile up to date shows a home page with fitting interests for you.


So, these are some recommendations to help improve your LinkedIn profile. However, LinkedIn mustn’t take over your life. Therefore, spare only a few minutes daily for the app. Doing this consistently will show gradual growth. Thus, you can benefit from the business connections on LinkedIn.


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Loris D'angelo author of article 18 steps to a better LinkedIn profile

Author: Loris D'angelo

Date of publication: 23/03/2022

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