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10 Great Business Ideas to Start in 2024

Updated: Feb 21

The author Megi Haka of the article:" 10 Great Business Ideas to Start in 2023".

Author: Megi Haka

Publication date: 13.12.2023

Setting a business also means having valid business ideas on which to work to develop projects. Entrepreneurial ideas are the basis of everything. But you need to have a good idea. For example, you can start by asking yourself what business to open in 2024. Starting there, you can develop your business. 

Even more, the business idea becomes relevant to people without business management experience. These could be the ones who rely exclusively on the competitiveness of the business concept. Here are 10 easy business ideas for 2024.

10 Great Business Ideas:

1. Personal shopper

For some years now, the passion for a personal shopper has been growing more and more, a profession imported from the USA. The personal shopper is an increasingly sought-after figure due to the particularly frenetic pace of our society. 

In particular, the personal shopper is a person who helps customers choose the clothing and accessories best suited to their style, personality, and needs. This new job title has emerged because today people find themselves having less time available to dedicate to shopping. Therefore, the need to delegate a purchasing specialist has arisen.

2. Bed & breakfast manager

Bed & breakfasts and guest houses need no introduction. Their success formula has spread worldwide. Homeowners can offer one or more rooms to tourists for a financial. To start a bed & breakfast you must meet some requirements and complete some bureaucratic procedures. These of course vary depending on the region you are in.

3. Dropshipping

 an online sales technique

Dropshipping is an online sales technique that allows you to start a business but without making any investments necessary to purchase the goods.

Here are the five steps you need to make the sale

  • open your online store with the dropshipping platform

  • the customer orders a product in your online store

  • your shop automatically transmits the order to the supplier (dropshipper)

  • the dropshipper prepares the order for the customer

  • the dropshipper ships the order to the customer.

4. Event manager

There are many of us who need an event manager. And those who choose to start this business know they are dealing with a profitable and continually growing business.

The event organizer is highly enterprising. They pay close attention to detail and possess ample patience to handle customer requests. Additionally, they excel in maintaining control during stressful situations or unexpected disasters.

5. Online tutoring/Organise online courses

Selling an online course is an effective way to generate passive income. For example, you can create a presentation video that introduces a topic you are well versed in and integrate it into your personal website. To start building your first online course, think of a topic you know well enough to teach someone from A to Z.

6.  Translator

Most companies cannot afford to offer a permanent position to a translator. Yet communication in languages is fundamental for companies aiming for internationalisation. For this reason, from time to time, they require paid translation services.

7. Become a virtual assistant

to start a business

Are you super organised? Do you enjoy working “behind the scenes”? If so, you may be the ideal candidate to start a business as a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant helps entrepreneurs and business leaders organise their personal and professional lives. The range of tasks of a virtual assistant is vast. For instance, it includes appointment scheduling, day-to-day management of marketing activities etc. The best pron of course is that you run everything online.

8. Create apps and websites

Are you tech savvy? Learn programming skills and put them to practise by building mobile apps, Shopify apps, websites, and selling digital products or offering services.

9. Copywriters

If you have talent in persuasive or creative writing and you make effective texts to promote products or services online, you can become a copywriter. A copywriter is a freelancer who writes content for websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, advertisements, and other digital channels. The copywriter must be able to capture the reader's attention, arouse his interest and convince him to act.

10. Publish a podcast

Do you like the sound of your voice? Consider recording it and creating a podcast. In fact, it is a great online business idea, with multiple monetization options. To promote your podcast, consider teaming up with prominent people and interviewing them.

It's time to start your own business.

If you have thought about the possibilities for starting a business, now is the time to get involved and create your own business. This will allow you to work online and earn money in your free time working wherever you want.


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