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Is it worth marketing your business using Facebook groups?

Author: Sara Pinto

Date of Publication: 01/07/2022

Did you know that using Facebook Groups can be an effective strategy for your business? By entering these groups, you find online communities having a lot in common.

In particular, 1.8 billion people tend to Facebook Groups a month. Let’s see why they are so important and how your business can grow and benefit from them.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook gives the time for every user to create groups for free!

First, there are two categories of groups: private and public. To access private groups, users must send a request to enter and agree with group rules. On the other hand, in public groups, anyone can enter!

Facebook page VS Facebook Group

Let’s imagine now that a Facebook Page belongs to you. Have you ever thought about whether you do need a Facebook Group?

Facebook Pages are also important for your business. They are a channel where people can find plenty of information. For example, you can find you, your phone number, your website, and a business description. Apart from that, it is a space to post content and share reviews!

Facebook Groups and their main attributes generate talks and build a trusting community! By being a part of a group, users feel a sense of belonging and create a deeper connection. In addition, posts on Facebook groups are more likely to appear in the feed of members compared to page posts.

Overall, it is great to have both and have them connected. It improves users' experience if you link your Facebook Group to your page and vice versa!

Best practices for marketing on Facebook Groups

This Facebook feature translates into a chance to create online communities. Build a Facebook Group to reach more people, have more engagement, and attract new customers. Having a community online is a must in your marketing strategy.

Starting off your community

Don’t start your group and expect members without taking action! Especially in the beginning, it is up to you to develop strategies to attract people.

First things first, your group shouldn’t be empty. Before launching it, the right information should be already placed. Also, have some interesting content posted.

This is very important in the beginning! If someone ends up clicking on your group, they will leave. This is because there is nothing interesting to explore.

It is essential to have something to hook your target audience. This creates a desire to be part of that group!

Second, let your existing customers know about your Facebook Group. These people that are familiar with your business are the perfect first members! But how can you lead them to join your group? Through promotion! This can be done by setting email campaigns with clickable buttons that go directly to your group. Also, use your social platforms to let your followers know or simply use word-of-mouth.

Know what you want for your Group

Having a clear vision for your group is fundamental. As well as letting members know what to expect and what they can do in that place.

Facebook allows you to set rules and I recommend doing that! If you don’t set rules, you allow spammers to invade your group. However, no one likes them, am I right?

Facebook outlines these basic tips for rules:

- For new groups, it’s good to write rules. This aims to set the expectations of their culture from the start.

- Use the group rules feature to add up to ten rules to it.

- Good rules tell members how they can get involved with the group.

- Rules can help to avoid conflict as the group grows. Also, it provides members with a sense of security.

Generating Engagement

One of your purposes for creating a group is to create engagement. You can do so by starting chats with members. They can build a true connection with you, your business, and with other members!

What can you do for high engagement? Provide content regularly and incentivize your members to post.

People are more likely to post and interact when you provide them with fun things. You, the admin, have the power to guide your members.

For example, your business is a local bakery. Start off a conversation where you provide a recipe. Then, invite people to recreate it at home and post the result on Wednesdays. This will get people involved again. Besides that, they will feel part of a community and value your business more.

Make members feel unique

Nowadays, there are plenty of online platforms. To build a community, users need to feel special. You must offer something unique to hook your target audience.

People joining your group are loyal customers, potential customers, or fans.

Here are some ideas to offer them value and make them stay:

- Discounts

- Give them the power of choice (surveys, pools)

- Make them feel listened to by asking their opinions

- Lives

- Sneak Peeks

- Behind the Scenes

- Giveaways

- First access to new products

- First look at campaigns

Research in other Facebook Groups

This is a form of promotion as well but using other groups! There are so many groups created out there. If you type your niche, for sure, you will have plenty of results. For example, you can post on other groups. But don't make it a post to generate sales. Instead, make it an informative post about your business. In fact, people searching for your service or product will make the move. They will take a look at your business, and it is possible to join your group. In other words, you can attract the right people for your own group. The only way though is by informing them on other Facebook groups.


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