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Why does your company need a podcast?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The author of the article

Author: Cristina Cristea

Date of publication: 31/05/2022

A podcast is not a panacea for a business, but it is a very simple and effective way to build a loyal community. What tasks can a podcast solve, and what you should not expect from it?

Two girls registering a podcast

Overview of podcasts for companies

At its simplest, a podcast is a recorded monologue or dialogue that is edited, added with music, sound effects, and uploaded to podcast platforms. These can be your website and mobile application, or, for example, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox etc.

In a broad sense, podcasts are a type of content where audio plays a major role. The main difference from radio is that this is content broadcasted off the air: you can choose by yourself interesting programs and listen to them at any convenient time. Podcasts vary based on the type. In particular, there are conversational or educational ones, as well as diaries, series, investigations, meditations, etc. For example, most often they are listened to in parallel while doing some other activities: on the road, jogging, washing the dishes or walking the dog.

More and more companies are launching their own podcasts and using them to solve their problems, because this kind of content is easier and cheaper to produce than video. If your brand initially has a large media presence or promoted social networks, then you are more likely to enrich the podcasting area with a new audienceThis is because podcasts will attract new people to you. Also, a podcast can become popular and get you money, but for that, you should consider it as a very long-term project. As a result, in this project you need to constantly invest effort and resources for several years.

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Podcast goal

Goals depend on your business model and the current problems you want to solve. So, for the B2C sphere, success will depend on whether a loyal audience has developed around you, how ready it is for such a format. Yet for a B2B model, a podcast sometimes becomes a way to engage your customer. For example, you can invite a partner to record a podcast, discuss an important topic with him and then make a deal. This is how a podcast can be part of a sales funnel.

Community Development Tool

In addition to attracting a loyal audience, a podcast can become a tool for working with it. In fact, the charisma of the hosts will bring people together and create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation. Communities are often created around podcasts – as long as you put some effort into this like: creating chats, groups, channels, organizing online and offline events.

The benefit for business is that people relate and associate themselves with the company. Consequently, the result is a semblance of a subculture for your brand that helps you attract new loyal community members and potential customers. For example, joining the Nike Sneakers Club isn't as fun as being part of the sneakerhead movement or the running community. Sneakers become a product that unites. However, the community is more valuable than a pair or two of sold sneakers. So a podcast is a good way to spread the message of the company and broadcast the brand values ​​to people.

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HR brand development tool

You can create a podcast for a small audience of professionals. This solves two problems. First, you become more significant in the community of professionals as you contribute, share knowledge and use the podcast as a platform. Secondly, through this community, you can search for workers from this professional environment. Therefore, specialists will begin to better understand your company, learn more about it and be more willing to go to interviews.


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