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Who is a Marketing Manager and What Does He Do?

Publication date: 27.02.2024

The Marketing Manager is a fundamental figure within companies, is an expert in the planning of the market and coordinates all those processes that precede the sale of a product. To create a strategic plan it is important to evaluate and analyse some of the factors that we will present below.

What does a marketing manager do?

The marketing manager has the task of planning marketing strategies, but before creating this must:

1. imagine and define the public, or the hypothetical recipients of the product

2. Assessing the current market and keeping abreast of current trends

3. Promote programs and events to sponsor and increase sales

These are just some of the activities but it is also very important that this figure is able to define for his company precise objectives by developing marketing campaigns. A fast and immediate means of communication are social media (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instragram...) but also the creation of images, posts, podcasts and short videos are all effective tools to promote a product and facilitate sales

What are the skills required by this figure?

Who wants to achieve this work, must have good analytical and statistical skills, know and know how to use distribution channels and sales techniques. When looking for a Marketing Manager it is almost essential to have a good knowledge of the English language, given the presence of many English terms but especially for future job opportunities.

Some required skills that could enrich and enhance your resume might be:

  • creativity,

  • intuition,

  • problem solving

  • Good communication

  • teamwork

  • always be up to date

Which figures are most in demand?

This sector has developed and is still growing, the Marketing Mager profession is wide and for this reason specializing in a sector, could encourage entry into the working world. If you are interested and want to specialize, keep reading the article because I will show you some specialized professions in this field.


He is responsible for the planning and coordination activities necessary for the success of a product. It defines both the commercial objectives, ie turnover and sales.  It manages the economic part because it is required that it proclaims the right price of the product to sell, and in turn plans on social media its spread.


His task is the conception, design, presentation and promotion of a product line. He generally coordinates group of product managers and he have the responsability to ensure the correspondece between the tactics adpoted by the company and varius associations associated with the brand he manages.


He is a fundamental figure because he coordinates and manages a set of digital resources to allow and develop a marketing and communication plan for the company in which he works.

Being a Web Marketing Manager must know and apply the cecepts of SEO, SEM and all display advertising activities that must evaluate and, when necessary, correct the strategies used.


It is responsible for product promotion and defines the development of the sales strategy. The Account Manager is a commercial agent that manages and promueve new customers for his company, ensuring development and revenue.

It also has work responsibilities related to the development of commercial agreements and also the creation of packages for customers, subsequently defining an economic balance of the company.

What course of study is required to become a marketing manager?

You must have economic knowledge, therefore, a degree in economics complemented by a postgraduate specialization in Marketing and Communication.

But much more important can be the choice of a master’s degree: a training course that actively addresses the issues of Marketing related to the web. 

In many cases the university does not prepare young people to enter the working world because it does not offer the concrete foundations but only theoretical instruction.


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