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What’s the impact of colours in marketing?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Michela Roberto is the author of the article with title: "What’s the impact of colours in marketing?

Author: Michela Roberto

Date of Publication: 02/10/2022

Nowadays, when we first hear about marketing all that comes to our mind is the latest Instagram model and how good their feed looks. So, we are obsessively matching the colours of all our pictures, trying so hard to make it look flawless. The truth is that colours are indeed that effective. But in what way does this have to do with marketing?

The answer is found in the psychology of colours. In fact, this explains how some specific colours can cause different reactions or can provoke different sensation to customers. The head of the marketing department of Wowgrade, Gloria Johnson, stated that using colours properly can have a huge impact on the feedback customers give back. Thus, depending on what message the business wants to deliver, you have to choose a colour that matches the reaction. For example, if you are looking forward to creating nostalgic feelings, you’d rather choose grey, like faded polaroid pictures.

To make a clear point, in this article we have explored 7 colours in total.


Think about the traffic lights. When they turn red you know that you must hurry up or you could get hurt, right? That is what this colour provokes: urgency. In other words, it can make consumers feel that if they don’t make a purchase straight away, the product they want will be gone.

A perfect example could be Coca-Cola.

The red color in packaging shows urgency


What is your first thought if someone says blue? You’re probably thinking of the sky, the quietness, the wind, or you see a 30-year-old man with a blue polo shirt looking perfectly clean. You may think of him as someone who is solid. That’s what blue feels like: reliability.

An example might be the brand Clearblue that sells pregnancy tests. Who would purchase it if it weren’t reliable?

The blue color in packaging shows reliability.


Go green. What does it mean? It means finding a balance between your current lifestyle and the health of the environment. The colour green suggests environmentally friendly practices and energy. Think about the signal on the battery of your phone when it is completely charged: a lightning on a green background.

This is the reason why many energy drink brands, such as Monster, have green packages.

The green color in packaging shows enegy and environmentally friendly practices.


Wedding dresses, daisies, Christian host. What do they have in common? 2 things: white and purity. White is clean, innocent, pure. Therefore, this colour may be mainly used by ateliers or even by healthcare companies.

Let’s see an example.

The white color in packaging shows purity.


When it comes to black, many might think this shade is related to loss or fear or generally speaking negative feelings. And this may surprise some, because in marketing black embodies seriousness and luxury. An example of black packages is clearly the Kat Von D makeup brand.

The black color in packaging shows seriousness and luxury.


Purple culturally represents magic, for a moment visualising Agatha Harkness. You see it, right? However, in marketing purple mirrors indicate royalty and sophistication.

Many makeup brands, as well as black, may use this colour to match their products’ purposes.

Here is an example.

The purple color in packaging shows royalty and sophistication.


Primary colour is the brightest shade. Yellow is the colour of happiness and positive thinking. Chips are often in yellow packages for these reasons. Think about children’s birthday parties at home with their school friends. You buy a lot of chips for these kinds of occasions and everything in this scene reminds you of joy.

Let’s have a look at a very famous chips brand: Lay’s.

The yellow color in packaging shows happiness and positive thinking.

In conclusion, colour is what makes a product stick to the customer’s mind. It is the first thing they notice. If the product appeals to them, they will easily move on to the purchase phase.


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