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What are the most promising new cryptocurrencies to watch out for?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Anastasija Ivancova, author of the article.

Author: Anastasija Ivancova

Date of Publication: 26/01/2023

Cryptocurrency has been developing for many years, and many people are making money by trading or investing in it. In particular, there are such successful investors who managed to invest in bitcoin or other coins when they were just at the very beginning. By remaining patient and not selling the coin at the first rise, the owners of the coin have become millionaires or even billionaires. However, everyone understands that the same bitcoin isn’t a new coin now for a long time and the kind of explosion that happened with it in the last few years will probably not happen. But don’t despair, because there are many new projects in which you can invest and get a potentially large profit. Thus, the most important thing is to study the coin, its history and potential. So, you should never invest money rashly! Below we list a few new projects that could potentially lead to big profits and become the new bitcoin.

A coin from fighout began gaining popularity.


Recently, a coin from fightout, the $FGHT token, began gaining popularity. In April 2022, the pre-sale of the coin started. This promotes a sports lifestyle, as it can be seen in the name of the coin. FightOut is a meta-project whose main goal is to motivate customers to improve their own health through gamification of the experience they receive and the provision of rewards. In general, FightOut is an M2E (Move to Earn) fitness app and a whole network of gyms that promote sports and an active lifestyle. So, let’s say that It is gamifying your lifestyle. For example, customers will receive rewards for completing tasks in the app, and the reward itself will be in the form of a coin or NFT. So, not so long ago the presale of $FGHT currency was launched, and what is nice, according to a lot of data, the project has already received impressive support from investors. Also according to IceHolders and scam-detector, the coin is trustworthy. As a result, $FGHT has proven to be a promising digital currency. Moreover, the $FGHT token, the heart of the FightOut ecosystem, was created based on the Etherium blockchain and it is in ERC-20 format. Now is the best time to buy the token, because the official website of the project is open for pre-sale, and you can pay for the coin with USDT or Etherium.

IMPT is a coin with a specific purpose.


Like the previous coin, IMPT is a coin with a specific purpose. Fightout promotes healthy living, and in turn, IMPT promotes reducing the carbon footprint of today's world. In particular, the coin offers to be part of a larger ecosystem that "connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals" who want to reduce the carbon footprint around the world. Therefore, based on blockchain, the platform offers to buy, sell or retire carbon credits. What’s more, developers have issued their own tokens to purchase carbon credits on the IMPT platform. In fact, tokens can be purchased by those who want to have a positive impact on the environment. So, IMPT attracts major retailers such as Amazon. For example, if you shop on such a retailer's website using these tokens, the brand donates a portion of its revenue to the IMPT platform, and this platform in turn fights pollution. In March 2023, the last stage of the presale should be over and IMPT tokens will be issued, and by June next year, the token should hit the market. Thus, the environmentally friendly IMPT token could be an interesting option for long-term investment. Thanks to the cooperation with retailers, has a solid foundation for coin development, and it also demonstrates the credibility of this coin. If retailers will be more interested in reducing the world's carbon footprint, then coin will grow in value. By the way, this coin can be purchased in the same way as the previous one - for Ethereum. So, pay attention to this coin, because a green environment is becoming mainstream these days, and it would be a great personal contribution to helping our planet.

TRON (TRX) is a platform that aims to decentralise the Internet.


Of course, we would like to pay more attention to coins that have a significant trace in self-development, ecology or other useful spheres as well. For example, such coins are the following:

  • RobotEra (managing robots and building new online universes) and

  • Calvaria (crypto-gaming)

These coins certainly have their possibilities and prospects. But we will give preference to a coin like TRX or TRON because of its contribution to content-creating and the opportunity for young creatives to earn more from the arts. TRON (TRX) is a platform that aims to decentralise the Internet, which happens by reducing the influence of powerful and large corporations such as Youtube. This platform guarantees that content creators get back their calling for their work and keep most of their profits. Currently a huge part of the profits go to the platforms. So, TRON's mission is to ensure that every content creator on the Internet can reclaim their right to all profits. As a result, this project solves a significant problem in the media business that has arisen recently. Of course that’s why the project has great prospects and chances for self-fulfilment. As it’s said in their official website, “TRX connects the entire TRON ecosystem, with abundant application scenarios that power transactions and applications on the chain”. Since the coin gained its status in October 2022, it has great prospects for growing its value.

The fate of young coins on the cryptocurrency market

So far we have talked only about 3 relatively new and promising coins, and we would like to draw your attention to. However, buying these coins isn’t knowingly a step to success. The cryptocurrency market isn’t the most stable at the moment, and also these coins have a chance to rise and fall. However, it is worth paying attention to the positive contribution to our lives due to the development of these coins. So maybe the good of these coins will pay off! In any case, it's up to you to study their outlook on your own. Pay attention also to those coins which haven't been made public on the Internet yet. At this moment, the price of these coins rises considerably and becomes not so profitable. In any case, take care of yourself and your wallets and treat your investments thoughtfully!


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