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Well paid jobs in tourism

Updated: Feb 14

Louise from VF

Author: Louise Franke

Date of Publication: 17/06/2023

The tourism industry (especially post-covid) is one of the biggest industries in the world. With the reopening of travel across the world after the pandemic there has been a huge boost in money spent in tourism. So, this may well be the best time to get into tourism and start investing some time in qualifying for different roles in tourism.

Well paid jobs in tourism

University courses for tourism

Nowadays, because of this growth in tourism, a lot of students look for ways to be part of this industry and pursue a career there. Here is a list of study courses offered that are beneficial if you are looking to get into the industry:

• Travel and Tourism Management

• International Hospitality and Tourism Management

• Airlines, Tourism and Management

• Hotel Management

• Tourism Administration

Tourism Job positions

After graduating from a tourism program, you can find a lot of different job positions to work. For example, you can work on:

• Ticketing and Sales

• Marketing and Promotion

• Transportation

• Hospitality

• Tourism Development

• Cruise industry jobs

• Events and Activities

Pay Range

Of course, depending on the country, the sector and position, the pay in each of these job types will greatly differ. According to CNBC, the highest paid jobs in tourism are as follows:

• Travel publicist

This role includes creating and maintaining relationships between tourist institutions (hotels, agencies etc.) and media outlets. What’s more, the average salary for a senior travel publicist is $116,000 per year.

• Luxury travel Advisor

This role involves providing advice and support which includes booking airline tickets, creating itineraries and advising on insurance, visas and vaccinations. Average salary is $36,000 plus commission. On average, with two years in the industry and sufficient experience in the industry you can earn up to $100,000.

• Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager you make sure hotel operations run smoothly and deal with customersatisfaction and profitability. The average salary in this role is $105,000. However, some high end hotel managers can make up to double.

Well paid jobs in tourism

Other job options

These are just a few of the highest paying positions but there are of course many others some of which include:

• Travel blogger: In this role you would earn a varied income depending on publicity and visibility

• Hotel workers: Although there are many roles within a hotel, the median earning is about $44,000

• Travel guide : The yearly income depends on years of experience in the field, company and position but the average yearly salary is $32,000

• Food/catering jobs : Once again, there are a lot of different positions in this sector so the yearly income is very varied. The yearly average for this sector is $56,000.

I hope this has given you an idea of the sort of jobs and salaries in the tourism industry. Naturally, the statistics of each job salary varies from country to country. However, the ones listed above apply to the U.S. but provide a good idea of what you can expect in each role.


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