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Wall Street Green Summit 2023

Updated: Apr 25

Christian Bruno is the author of the article with title "Wall Street Green Summit 2023"

Author: Christian Bruno

Date of Publication: 06/09/2022

Wall Street Green Summit 2023

Finance is a discipline of economics that studies the process of investment and financing. Moreover, we can split into 5 domains based on the subject, funds and the extent of transactions. So, the 5 domains are the following:

  • Finance personal

  • Corporate finance o finance business

  • Trade finance

  • Public finance

  • Finance international

Market of carbon

With this term we mean a market date given by marketing of carbon dioxide. The only way to help countries and companies is to limit emissions of carbon dioxide in addition to other greenhouse gases. The carbon market was born as part of the policy tools defined as "economic mechanisms". The economic mechanisms are important tools adopted in the fight against climate change in progress, that is in the anthropogenic increase of the so-called greenhouse effect.

We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by focusing more on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy. They guarantee an infinite supply of energy, unlike fossil fuels, which sooner or later will run out. Furthermore, unlike the use of fossil fuels in power plants, the generation of electricity from renewable sources produces little or no greenhouse gases. The EU is a world leader in the field of renewable energy technologies. Many EU member states already produce a large part of their electricity from renewable sources. Geothermal energy is a ... hot topic!

Some countries may channel the energy stored under the earth's surface, through pipes to heat homes or water or to a generator to produce electricity. The EU supports geothermal energy projects in Hungary. This is because many spas already use it there to heat water for recreational activities.

About the event: Wall Street Green Summit


We will talk about:

  • Finance sustainable

  • Price of risk climatic in financial markets

  • Market update of carbon

  • News in carbon trading and finance

  • Achieving carbon neutrality

  • Carbon offset

  • Carbon Exchange Offers.

  • How to attract capital for nature-based solutions.

  • Carbon as an emerging asset class.

  • The imminent convergence of voluntary and compliance carbon markets.

  • What's new in Carbon Trading & Finance.


Talk about:

  • Energetic solution sustainable

  • Innovation in renewable project finance

  • Innovations in solar energy

  • Hydrogen fuel cells: ready for prime time

  • Downsizing of investments in distributed energy

  • Solar energy plus energy storage

  • Wind energy developments

  • Biomass update: what the future will look like

  • Innovation and distribution of ClimateTech

  • Agtech Innovation

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

  • Digital sustainability solutions

  • Green ammonia: the next market

  • Innovation in smarter construction

  • Innovation in the water market

  • Where are low-carbon fuel standards going?

  • What are the prospects for innovation in clean energy?

Finally, if you want to register for the event, you can use the code VIPVISION through the company Vision Factory and there will be a discount of 3%. The organizer of the event is Peter Fusaro and it will take place in March. More specifically, the event is on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st of March.


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