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Using new technologies to improve your business

Updated: Nov 8

David Buscot, Author of the article.

Author: David Buscot

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Date of Publication: 18/10/2022

Investing in technologies that you need is really important.

Nowadays, the use of new technologies is essential for the development of a company. In fact, they improve the efficiency of your business and meet customer expectations. Actually, this happens by offering personalized products in their own way. In addition, they can also improve the working conditions of employees. However, some of them can also be very expensive. So it is important that you invest in the technologies you really need and know how to make a good profit from them.

Reading this article, you will be aware of the selection criteria for these new technologies as we introduce some of them to you. So, among the criteria, here are the most important to take into account in the choice of new technologies.

Main criteria for new Technologies

• The economic criterion

The goal is to introduce new technologies in order to increase profits and reduce so-called “unnecessary” costs.

• The human criterion

Indeed, one of the main improvements of the industry of the future is to put the human side at the center of any project. Specifically, health and safety are of major importance. This is because people need to have the best possible working conditions.

• The environmental criterion

Ecology has more and more impact in the business world. This is starting to become a very important criterion for customers. Therefore, it’s important for each project to have a reflection on the environmental aspect.

• The logistics criterion

Currently, inventory management improvements in relation to the customer's desires, are done using logistics data. As a result, it’s very important in a company to have a functional and optimal logistics network.

• The performance criterion

For a company, it is essential to always improve its performance.

Now that we have explored the different criteria for selecting new technologies, I invite you to discover several of them.

New Technologies to bear in mind

• Autonomous robots

They perform tasks that can be painful or even dangerous for employees. In addition, these reduce non-quality costs because they never forget a task and perform it with precision.

• Augmented reality

This is a concept aimed at representing elements in a virtual way so that they are visible to its user. In fact, it is a superposition of virtual elements in reality. So, the objective of augmented reality is to assist people in carrying out their tasks.

• The Cloud

The Cloud consists of servers accessible on the Internet, as well as the software and databases that run on these servers. This allows all company data to be stored on a single system bringing together all these servers rather than having to store them on a local computer.

• Online management tools

This tool makes it possible to optimize and simplify the work as well as to improve the functioning of the company. Among them we can find software for accounting, for monitoring sales, or for storing data that is also called the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.).

• Social networks

Today social networks are essential to convey your brand image. In addition, they allow you to find new customers and collect data to know the habits of consumers.

• Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the protection of systems connected to the Internet against computer threats, targeting hardware, data and software. Using new technologies requires a lot of interconnectivities between machines and systems. This provides a larger attack surface for hackers. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them.

Many of these new technologies still exist. I invite you to go online to find out about each of them and to keep yourself informed on social networks. They will make it possible to concretely improve your business. Nevertheless, these new technologies lead to a questioning of the place of man among them. So, it is clear that despite the various questions, new technologies are essential for our society.


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