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Traditional marketing and its benefits

Updated: Jan 30

The author Shaïna Peek of the article:" Traditional marketing and its benefits".

Author: Shaïna Peek

Publication date: 06.11.2023

With the rise of digital technology, companies are also modernising their strategies. Still, traditional marketing has some advantages over digital marketing. This article will delve into traditional marketing and its benefits.

What is traditional marketing?

First of all, traditional marketing is offline marketing. Unlike digital marketing, the Internet is not used for promotion. For example, billboards and advertisements on the television network are considered traditional marketing. This type of marketing is more geographically focused as its reach is less broad than that of digital marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing methods


Handouts are papers that have information printed on them. For handouts, employees place them around themselves. Because of the work that this takes, this marketing is best used by local stores. Also, in cities, employees can hand out the papers on the street. Besides this, they can ask other businesses to hang up the posters as a promotion.


Billboards are big boards placed mostly next to roads. These billboards can contain images or graphics. As they are located near big roads, billboards can be placed in a wider range. However, since people speed past these signs, it is best that messages are brief and easy to read. Having an advertisement that leaves an impression can prove to be successful for the company.

Direct mail

to target people through email

Direct mail can be used to target people through email. The target group can be chosen because of the area that they live in. Additionally, the company can look at people’s interest in products or companies and decide their target group based on this data. Through private email, companies are able to connect more with customers. So, it allows for a more personal message to be sent.

Print ads

Another option is to post a message in the newspaper or a magazine. For example, the New York Times currently has 8,8 million subscribers. Although this is a big company, it shows that the popularity of newspapers is still high. Since magazines are more focused on specific interests, they can be used to target a group.

Event marketing

For event marketing, the company chooses to be represented at an event. Examples are seminars and business fairs. By having a booth with a representative to engage people, connections can be made. What’s more, these events can be used to find partnerships, making them very beneficial.

Cold calling

With cold calling, possible targets are reached through telephone. These calls are used to provide people with all information immediately. Preferably, a deal is settled immediately during the call. By having such a personal interaction, a bond of trust is created between the caller and the customer.


There are different types of promotion on television and similar media. One way is to have an advertisement, a video made by the company. This video is played during breaks along with other advertisements. Also, companies can use product placement. Then, their product is visible in films or shows, which subconsciously engages the people watching.

event marketing to find partnerships

Advantages of traditional marketing

More sustainable

Since there is less use of technology, traditional marketing is better for the environment. Besides this, the advertisements can be used longer. Since they are shown less frequently, there is less need to change the advertisements constantly. So, this costs less material and working hours.

More personal

As mentioned before, most traditional marketing methods offer a more personalised message. By targeting a smaller group, advertisements can be aimed more at the interests and behaviour of the target group. This helps in gaining customers, but also in establishing customer relationships. By being more personalised, there is more loyalty within the consumer relationship. Therefore, traditional marketing offers long-term customer relationships.


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