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Tourism Promotion on Instagram: What's its importance?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Article by Serena

Author: Serena Viglianisi

Date of Publication: 19/07/2022

In order to explain the Instagram promotion for tourism, firstly, it is necessary to introduce tourism in general. Before the pandemic, tourism seemed to be a very coveted sector. It involved people from all over the world. Indeed, thanks to it, the economy of many cities has grown. Especially where there are good services, accommodation and comfort that the tourists require.

On the one hand, the pandemic has severely damaged this sector, but the new generation is open to social media. This is especially because they use much Instagram and through it is easier to promote all types of tourism.

The promotion of Tourism on Instagram as an effective marketing strategy.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a free social network; through which you can share photos and content. It allows everyone to apply filters and effects that make even the simplest images attractive. The most beautiful and interesting photos can reach thousands of people, especially using #hashtag. The easy thing is that you can share them with your contacts by creating chain shares.

Instagram is very useful for the tourism’s sector for many reasons. Firstly, it allows you to sponsor a hotel and the services it provides or a package tour or also a specific city. Through this social network all users get involved, get suggestions, advice and even reviews. Therefore, a direct relationship with the potential client happens.

The importance of Instagram promotion

Instagram is an excellent way to grow your audience and promote your content. It has transformed how people choose their destination for their travel and overall experiences. However, you need to have a basic strategy to achieve the most important goals. This is especially true when it comes to selling products or services. In order to unlock some relevant features, of course, you need to have a lot of followers and this is possible by sharing interesting content with them.

An important step to grow on this social network is to plan ahead, research and create a basic design for your profile. To be recognized more and more, creating one or more personal hashtags is a good way to follow. Your followers can use them and then you can collect and share their content, thereby obtaining better impressions and views.

How has Instagram changed tourism?

Instagram was born as a social media channel, but over the years has become a personal tourist guide, as a new travel agent. In recent years, Instagram has increasingly engaged travelers with its easy-to-use functionality and eye-catching content. Especially, the posts and stories of tourist destinations have become relevant to tourists. This has led to an increase of tourism even in places unknown to them. The variety of content on the platform has created a change: the paper guides used many years ago, to this day, are not very helpful compared to social media. In this way, every traveler and tourist enterprise can become representative of a place to Instagram users to choose the next trip or discover new places to visit.

A special characteristic of this platform is the high involvement among users. In fact they want to learn and discover new things. Have advice from friends, influencers or companies. Consequently, the tourism industry has taken advantage of this opportunity to make themselves more visible through original content. In this way, they show all the most beautiful points of destinations.

What type of audience can you reach through Instagram?

There are about 400 million active users on Instagram and companies trying to win their interest by using this tool as a primary source. Competition is strong and meeting it requires exceeding expectations and meeting customer needs.

According to the Global State of Digital 2022 report, the users that use Instagram the most are young people between the ages of 16 and 24. Of course, there are older users as well, but they are easier to access through other social networks. All this is important to understand which users we want to attract on our page and which ones we need to reach in other ways or through other channels.


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