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The role of social media in modern recruitment

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Vincent from Vision Factory

Author: Vincent Bernard

Date of Publication: 05/04/2023

The way of recruiting has really changed since the arrival of the Internet particularly with the development of social recruiting platforms. Previously, recruitment ads were made through the press. With the internet, most recruitment begins online with candidates applying and taking tests. The company has quickly become familiar with this new method and have launched social media recruitment campaigns. So, here we will see what is the role of social media modern recruitment.

Social media in modern recruitment

Search and connect with potential candidates

Firstly, social networks allow recruiters to access many potential candidates. Indeed, more and more are using the internet and especially some social networks when they are looking for a job. For example, LinkedIn now has over 900 million users worldwide.

This use of social media platforms is due to the fact that it’s very easy to use it. In fact, for the people who are looking for a job, they have access to a large number of job offers. So, recruiters can approach candidates and stay in contact with them as well.

Target specific audiences

There are many advantages to using social networks for recruiters. In fact, it makes it much easier for them to start the recruitment process. Through the use of social networks, they can more easily make an initial selection of the applications they receive. By filtering, recruiters can target profiles that match the expectations set for the post in question, taking into account several factors.

Employer connecting with other people on LinkedIn

Recruiters can target suitable candidates based on criteria like location and experience. Therefore, social media is a powerful tool both for recruiters and for job seekers. However, we will see that they have other uses, especially for recruiters.

Showcase a company’s culture and values

Social media is an excellent way for recruiters to attract potential candidates for job offers. However, they must be interested in working for the company. So, social media can help to get candidates interested in your company. If your company’s image isn’t attractive, it won’t make candidates want to apply for your job.

Therefore, it’s necessary to highlight the culture and the values of the company, through posts on social media and company descriptions. This will improve the image of the brand, which will have the effect of making candidates want to apply to you.

Have a precise idea about the candidate’s background

It is often said that the profile on platforms such as LinkedIn acts as an online CV. However, candidate profiles usually contain much more information than the CV. Online profiles allow candidates to include more information than a limited CV space.

Moreover, through posts about projects,interaction with others, the recruiter can get an idea of the personality, interests, and behavior. Recruiters can consider these additional elements in their decision-making process

Avoid bias and discrimination

Recruiters should be careful when using social media for the recruitment process. Indeed, even if they are a source of information, one must be careful about the way it is used. Specifically, recruiters should only target information that is relevant to the candidate's choice.

For example, any personal or superfluous information shouldn’t matter. This is because it could be considered discrimination based on gender, age, or religion. To avoid this bias, recruiters need to follow clear guidelines for the applications they receive according to pre-established criteria.


In conclusion, social networks are a powerful tool for recruiters because they allow them to have access to a large number of potential candidates. So, they can target them precisely and improve the image of the brand with them. However, they must be aware of discrimination, and bias. Therefore, they should be transparent in the recruitment process so as not to discriminate against certain candidates.


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