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The Power Of Podcasts: Why Brands Should Tune In To Marketing Success

Updated: Feb 7

Ioanna Chatzintavidou is the author of the article titled  : why brands should tune in to marketing success

Publish date: 22.08.2023

Adapting To The Evolving Content Landscape: The Rise Of Podcasting

As time goes by, people naturally gravitate towards more convenient methods of accessing information. That’s why changes in how content is consumed demand a corresponding evolution in your marketing strategy. Traditional marketing methods alone are no longer enough to cultivate brand loyalty and lasting connections with customers. What’s more, the preferences of today's audience have changed, demanding more innovative and personalized approaches. Therefore, it's crucial for businesses to evolve their marketing strategies accordingly. In other words, companies must be prepared to adapt and keep pace with these changes to remain relevant.

Podcasting has emerged as an immensely popular medium in this context. Actually, it is not only a platform for individual creators to share their ideas. Apart from that, podcasting presents a remarkable opportunity for brands to foster genuine connections with their audience. To thrive in this dynamic environment, brands must embrace change and make a strong impact. So, by adapting to the evolving content consumption patterns, they can stand out in the competitive market. And most importantly, they can ensure their continued relevance in the digital age.

Behind The Mic: The Definition Of Podcast

In the world of digital media, a podcast appears as an audio program, similar to traditional talk radio. In particular, podcasts encompass a diverse array of subjects, including news, entertainment, education, technology, travel, etc. In addition, they offer versatile listening options across multiple devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and smart speakers. However, the key difference lies in its on-demand nature.

What sets podcasting apart is its incredible flexibility for listeners. Once an episode is released, it can be downloaded, granting the audience the freedom to tune in whenever and wherever they prefer. Imagine it as a personalized radio show that you can download to your device or subscribe to for seamless listening pleasure. So, podcasting's captivating nature makes it an ideal platform for sharing information, knowledge, and engaging stories.

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What Is A Branded Podcast?

A branded podcast refers to a podcast produced by a company with the primary objective of building connections with its ideal customers. Companies may utilize podcasts to achieve various goals. These include increasing sales, promoting new products, or expanding brand recognition.

Why Brands Should Add Podcasts To Their Marketing Mix

While it's essential for companies to maintain their use of social media and PPC as promotional strategies, these alone are not enough. It is also wise to explore innovative approaches beyond conventional methods. Branded podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among companies of various sizes. Below are some reasons why you shouldn't put it off any longer and include podcasting in your innovative marketing strategy:

1. They Are Flexible And Fit Into Busy Lifestyles

The podcasting revolution is sweeping the digital landscape. Actually, it's undeniable that podcast consumption is in high popularity lately. What sets podcasts apart is their convenience. They allow listeners to enjoy them at their preferred time rather than being constrained to live broadcasts. What's more, people can tune in while working, traveling, relaxing, or handling household duties.

In fact, in our fast-paced world, people are constantly on the move. So, the ability to listen later or let them play while multitasking makes podcasts an appealing choice for modern-day audiences. This unique feature is one of the driving forces behind their success, making them effortlessly fit into people's bustling lives.

2. Brand Awareness: You Uncover Your Brand's Human Side

Through podcasting, your business gains a compelling and authentic voice. Moreover, you showcase the unique personality and character of your company. In other words, it offers your audience a chance to truly get to know you while being allowed to be yourself. In essence, you transcend the role of a mere brand and become a person.

Humanizing your company through podcasting enables you to attract and connect with your audience on a more personal level. Additionally, listeners perceive you not as a faceless corporation but as a relatable individual, creating an intimate connection. Therefore, unlike written content, your spoken words evoke emotion and empathy, leaving a lasting impression on people's ears and hearts.

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3. From Listeners To Buyers: Direct Traffic And Boost Sales

Driving traffic to your website and boosting sales is an ongoing challenge for businesses aiming to increase their online presence. The ultimate goal for any business remains the enhancement of sales, and this is where podcasts shine. So, podcasts emerge as a dynamic solution with the potential to transform your marketing efforts.

More specifically, they can help businesses to reach a specialized audience, catering to specific niches with precision. By engaging with a receptive audience, you open doors to potential customers. Therefore, these listeners are not only interested in your topics of discussion but are also inclined to invest in your products or services.

4. You Position Yourself As A Leading Authority In Your Industry

Podcasting offers a powerful means to establish yourself as an industry thought leader, enhancing your credibility within your niche. Actually, it serves as a platform to showcase your expertise and passion, inspiring and engaging your listeners. For example, through creating a podcast, you can effectively demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a specific domain. So, by inviting renowned experts as co-hosts or guests, you further bolster your authority and credibility. As new listeners hear you sharing your expertise, they are more likely to trust your brand and consider purchasing from you. This is because you inspire them and build a loyal listener base.

5. You Build A Community With Your Listeners

Podcasts excel in creating a strong sense of community among their listeners. In addition, by fostering personal connections, podcasts allow for a more profound level of engagement with the audience. In particular, each new podcast episode presents an opportunity to establish a meaningful presence and encourage listeners to connect with one another. As a result, listeners experience a profound sense of belonging while actively engaging in discussions as part of the podcast community. Furthermore, when people discover a compelling podcast, they often share it with friends and family. Exceptional storytellers have a knack for leaving a memorable mark on their audience. Your target audience is among those listeners captivated by such captivating storytelling.

6. They Are A Budget-Friendly And Easy-to-Produce Content

Podcast production is both cost-efficient and straightforward. Armed with a microphone and editing program, almost anyone can generate the content they desire. What’s more, podcast marketing presents an affordable approach for marketers. For instance, you can connect with your target audience, eliminating the need for extravagant expenses on TV commercials or print ads. Unlike traditional advertising methods, businesses with podcasts can effectively reach a targeted audience with a relatively low investment.

7. Content Consumption Is Multi-Faceted

In the modern world, content consumption varies widely among individuals. With a staggering number of mobile device users, podcasts have emerged as a popular avenue for seeking information and entertainment. However, not everyone prefers written content. Some opt for reading, while others favor video content. Correspondingly, there are those who find solace in listening to podcasts.

Especially during the pandemic, screen time reduction has become a priority for many, making podcasts an escape from constant visual exposure. The abundance of content choices available to consumers is extraordinary. Hence, this demands creators deliver engaging content to entice their audience to invest their most precious resource: time. Offering content that adds value ensures that your audience chooses to spend their time with you.

8. The Industry Still Doesn't Have Much Competition

Compared to other media platforms, the podcast industry is less saturated, providing better opportunities for cut-through. While there are over 600 million blogs and 114 million active YouTube channels, there are only 5 million podcasts. So, it is a unique and less competitive space. This offers a distinct advantage for engaging with audiences in a personal manner.

Is It Difficult To Launch A Podcast?

Absolutely not! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to podcasting. So, unleash your imagination now! When you start a podcast, you have the creative freedom to explore various formats. Whether you choose to be a solo host, collaborate with a partner, invite guests, or engage in dramatic storytelling, the possibilities are endless. In fact, podcasting offers a diverse range of styles and themes, allowing you to tailor your audio content marketing to best suit your brand's needs. Contrary to common misconceptions, starting a podcast is surprisingly simple and cost-effective.

To begin, you'll require a few fundamental items:

● A quality microphone to ensure excellent sound production from the outset.

Pop filters and windscreens to minimize unwanted noise and disruptions.

Headphones for monitoring audio quality during recording.

Editing software to enhance your sound and overall production value.

● A reliable podcast hosting platform where your episodes can be uploaded and made accessible to listeners.

● A lot of fascinating ideas, great storytelling, and creativity. Think out of the box!

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Top Podcast Directories To Submit Your Podcast

One efficient and easy method to promote your podcast and reach a broader audience is by including it in various podcast directories and aggregators. Numerous platforms are available for this purpose. So, creating accounts on these platforms and submitting your RSS feed will automatically publish your new episodes on each platform.

List of popular directories

● Apple Podcasts

● Google Podcasts

● Spotify

● Samsung Podcasts

Amazon Music and Audible

● Stitcher

● TuneIn

● iHeartRadio

● SoundCloud

● Pandora

● Castbox

● Audioburst

Successful Branded Podcasts That Are Doing It Right

  1. TGIM by Shopify

  2. The Sauce by McDonald’s

  3. #LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection

  4. J&J Innovation by Johnson & Johnson

  5. .future by Microsoft

  6. Now What? by Wix

  7. Duolingo Podcasts by Duolingo

  8. 2 Minutes of Zen by Zendium

  9. Dior Talks by Dior

  10. Out Travel the System by Expedia

  11. Around the Barrel by Jack Daniel’s


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