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The Power of Language Learning

Updated: Feb 20

Publication date: 18.02.2024

In this big world, everyone has different aims, different perspectives, skills and desires. One potential ability that ables to connect us is knowing languages. There are over 7,100 spoken and signed languages in the world and by knowing just one of them, we already could receive endless opportunities for growth and development.

The connection between us

Have you ever thought about how grateful we should be that people could communicate and understand each other? Imagine you are in a supermarket and you are looking for specific ingredient that seems to be impossible to find. The first thing that comes to your mind is asking someone from the staff to assist you with this problem. Now imagine you both do not speak the same language and it is impossible to understand each other. Frustration appears to begin, and you end up being disappointed that you could not find your favourite coffee brand.

Career opportunities, sacrifices and ambitions

I have only given you an example of a simple daily situation, but now I will introduce you another perspective. You are born in a small town, located in a country that could not offer you the possibilities for growth that you desire in the future. You are an ambitious young person who aims to achieve his goals by working in a multicultural environment, that offers many career opportunities after you graduate. Certainly, you have to know the spoken language in the country in order to begin your education or career path there.

Times goes by and you put so much effort into learning that language that you barely have time for social activities, that your friends offer. By making a personal reflection of what you have accomplished, you understand that you have missed parties, end up not having much energy to stay up until late with friends and in other words said, “missed most of the fun”.

Personal reflection on your abilities and choices

Seeing the risks that you have to take in order to learn this new language, you will definitely ask yourself times to times “Is it worth it?”. I personally believe it is absolutely worth it! Having fun does not have time frame. But achieving your educational and career goals do. It is never too late to start learning a new language, but it also depends on your goals and ambitions regarding it.

Reaching a point in life where your accomplishments bring satisfaction is truly fulfilling. While learning a new language may seem simple at first, it requires ambition, time, and sacrifices. From navigating everyday interactions to embarking on career opportunities in unfamiliar territories, proficiency in multiple languages opens doors to new experiences and connections. Therefore, the endeavor of acquiring languages serves as proof of one's resolve and willingness to seize the varied opportunities that life offers.


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