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The impacts of a fuel shortage on businesses

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

David Buscot, Author of the article.

Author: David Buscot

Date of Publication: 01/11/2022

Many refineries have been blocked due a strike in France.

In France, on September 27, 2022, the CGT called for a strike at TotalEnergies. Thus, many refineries have been blocked. This caused serious supply problems at 11,000 gas stations. Many people have found it difficult to supply their vehicle with fuel. As a result, many French citizens have found themselves with difficulty using their means of transport.

As you have understood, a shortage of fuel can cause big problems. We are therefore going to study what the consequences of a fuel shortage could be for companies. In addition, we can also try to find potential solutions to counter the problems caused by the shortage.

Difficulties going to work for fuel shortage

One of the first types of people impacted by a fuel shortage will be workers. Indeed, nowadays, many people use the car as a means of transport to go to work. In France, 74% of active employees use it. And not even 10% of French people want to buy an electric vehicle. Consequently, company employees encounter great difficulty in going to work with their vehicle. Employers even speak of employees arriving late or leaving early to try to refuel.

Reduction of goods and postal flows

The smooth running of the transport of goods is essential for the proper functioning of a company. A shortage of fuel can have a significant impact on the use of trucks for the transport of goods. In addition, postal flows are also impacted. A company can therefore have difficulty in respecting its order book, delivery times, but also no longer receives its orders on time. During the period of fuel shortage in France, several companies were forced to cancel orders.

The public works sector particularly in difficulty

Construction companies use their vehicles to allow employees to travel regularly between construction sites. In addition, these companies use many vehicles to carry out their work (cranes, excavators, loaders, etc.). As a result, she finds herself having to slow down the speed of the work.

After having exposed the negative consequences of a fuel shortage, we can therefore present solutions to overcome these various problems.

  • Increase employee telecommuting: Increasing telecommuting allows employees to avoid having to leave their homes to go to work. This also makes it possible to avoid consuming fuel when it is scarce.

  • Use other means of transport: during the fuel shortage in France, many citizens chose to use other means of transport. During this period, the SNCF recorded a significant increase in the purchase of train tickets. She expects a 10% increase over the previous year. In addition, even if there is not much fuel available, there is always the possibility of using electric vehicles.

  • Optimize vehicle fleets: there are companies specializing in the management of vehicle fleets that can optimize each trip. In addition, there is also software that allows real-time tracking of the movement of each vehicle belonging to the company.

In conclusion, the shortage has had more or less serious consequences for many companies in France. However, we can realize that there are solutions to reduce the impact of such a shortage. The use of combustion engine vehicles is therefore questioned. Would the use of electric vehicles not be preferable for the future?


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