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Strategy for finding ideal customers

Updated: Apr 3

Date: 25.03.2024

In order for a communication agency to make itself known and increase new customers, it must have an effective marketing strategy.

Many times people think that it is enough to manage social pages, create a website or beautiful communication graphics, but even so, many times this is not enough.

Many think that what an agency should do is "give more visibility" "be present and communicate on all social media" but despite this, new clients may not be coming in.

Before searching, however, one must be aware of what one is looking for, which is to have an ideal target group.

Before starting the search we might ask ourselves a few questions: is my service aimed at that audience? Why should they choose to work with us? Where could you reach your desired target audience?

These questions give rise to the marketing strategy we mentioned earlier.

What to do after having identified a marketing strategy?

We could find another step, the competitors. That is, all those who offer the same service as you or who perhaps work and have been known for longer.

To start making themselves known, many would think of offering cheaper services and lowering the price would attract a new clientele.

In reality, the best advice for making yourself known and creating a clean and clear image of your agency is to describe in detail how you work and the steps you take to achieve your goals.

The customer must feel understood and take the best advantage of what you offer. Realising this as a consequence will bring you new customers, but this will be the effect of the method you have decided to adopt. So to sum up what has been said so far:

  • differentiate yourself from the competition

  • credibility in the eyes of customers

  • clarity of your strategy

What could our hypothetical customers be?

1. Local companies seeking to target a specific audience

2. Companies in difficulty seeking to relaunch their business

3.Companies seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition

But how could we help them?

Local companies have the advantage of approaching their target group more easily and could turn to you to offer an additional service.

Helping, on the other hand, a company that might be in a difficult period could be risky for an agency but could be an opportunity to make itself known.

On the other hand, those who aim to differentiate themselves from the competition might turn to you to consolidate, elevate and make their company known. Thus offering a unique experience to their client who belongs to and chooses a brand with a memorable story.

To incentivise these 3 types we could resort to:

  • advertising slogans

  • advertising campaigns

  • participation in trade fairs and public events

These tools allow you to make yourself known and create a distinct image that remains indelible in people's eyes.

Generally when you want to expand your customer base there are two very important moments: the analysis phase and the research phase.

In the first phase, as the word itself says, you have to be aware of the product/service you are offering that will be for a specific target group of people.

Then you have to analyse the market and the competition.

And finally, ask yourself where you want to make yourself visible on which social network and in which way.

In the second phase, the research phase, the potential customer needs to get to know you, which is why it is very important to include testimonials from those who have worked with you on the site. This strategy, now used throughout the online world, allows you to establish an initial bond of trust with the customer.

At this moment we could say that we are halfway through the process, which will end with the signing of the contract.

After having established an initial approach, the last necessary steps are:

  • the presentation of the customised work plan for the clie

  • connection between the two parties

  • signing of the contract


During the presentation of the business plan, it is important to reassure and remove all doubts, to make it clear that one has understood the client’s needs.

Obviously what is summarised here is not a rigid scheme that we are obliged to use all the time because in some cases many steps might be faster or might take longer.


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