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Price increase of Amazon

Updated: Apr 26

Christian Bruno, author of the article with title "Price increase of Amazon"

Author: Christian Bruno

Date of Publication: 19/08/2022

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Nowadays, on the web it’s very easy to talk about the increase of Amazon Prime subscription. The price is increasing by 36%, because of the logistical crisis . Contrary to where it was before the covid Pandemic spread. The company justified itself, talking about inflation and causes beyond its control. By 2018, that was the first announcement of the price increase by Amazon. The new Amazon Prime prices come into effect starting from September 15, 2022, on occasion the first renewal.

The new price in Italy is 4.99 euros a month, or 49.90 a year. The same services are included, and the customer has the same rights. Amazon prime is a single subscription but offers a heterogeneous packet of service. Unlike normal amazon customers, subscribers at service prime have the fast delivery of a lot of products bought on Amazon. In addition, they have the possibility of participating at amazon prime day only year, with access anticipated at the offer. The company register decreased approximately 5%. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and in particular Twitter are full of subscribers’ bad reviews on the service.

What is included in the services?

Included in the price, the subscription to Prime Video, Amazon's streaming platform that also includes 16 Champions League matches and dozens of exclusive films and TV series, continuously updated.

Then there are the Prime Reading eBooks, the unlimited space for photos with Amazon Photos (up to 5 GB for videos) and there is also Prime Gaming. All this at the costs just mentioned, which will change on September 15th. During this time, you will be able to access all the streaming content included in the subscription, and rate it, and have fast shipping on most Amazon orders. Shortly before the 30-day expiration, you can choose whether to keep the subscription or cancel for free.

amazon - Price increase of Amazon

Amazon price increase in other European countries unlike Italy?

In France, the price of Amazon prime is increasing to 69,90 €, in particular by 43%. On the contrary, in Germany it will cost 89,90€, in the USA the annual cost is 139 dollars and in the UK instead at 95 pounds a year. Because of the cost of the life, many people are thinking of suspending the subscription.

Opinion of people around the world on the services offered by Amazon

The company searches for a quality better at the level of shopping or entertainment, a service that wants to improve only year. The people are divided in 2 parts: favorable and opposed. The first agree at the increase of service, because the colossal include many services:

● Vision of match

● film

● documentary with Prime Video

● Prime music

● Prime Reading

● Twitch Prime and

● Amazon Photos.

The opposites are not in favor because they think the increase of price is very exaggerated. As for the increase in products no one would have expected it at the cost of amazon. Therefore an increase of Amazon services was unexpected.


The price is correct because the company offers very small and interesting service. Paying more than 13 euro is convenient, so long as this is not a very high figure; but rather at a fair and affordable price.

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