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My business went viral on Tik Tok overnight

Author: Ivana Knapić

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Date of Publication: 07/06/2022

Yes, it’s not a secret that Tiktok has experienced tremendous growth since the quarantine started. It’s no longer a place where you see goofy dances and lip sync. However, it really is a community where people of all ages share a variety of content on any topic. Any type of content can go viral on the platform, which is part of what makes it so exciting.

But what does this possibility mean to you? Well, many companies use Tik Tok as a great marketing tool. Building a brand is important and Tiktok allows you to reach out to many possible customers and spread the word about your business. Yet I’m not going to lie, it's not so easy to combine the professionalism and spirit of Tik Tok videos that go viral.

Let’s touch on some essential characteristics of viral videos on Tiktok.

Your next steps

1. Use a trending sound.

A big must! Thus, we would recommend looking on the internet “Trending sounds on Tiktok” to take a grasp of what is “in” right now.

2. Use hashtags that are similar to what your target audience would love to see.

In particular, try to put yourself in their place. What kind of videos would you look at and what topics would you follow? Then do your best to impress and engage your audience.

3. Being unique is what counts.

Firstly, you should avoid copying others' content. I bet your business has something special you can make a video about. So, ask your friends for advice or your employees if nothing crosses your mind.

4. Catch the audience’s attention at the beginning.

If you don’t figure out how to kick start your video so that is interesting you are going to be just another scrolled video. Keep this in mind and find something catchy!

5. Include random details for people to comment on.

Don’t forget you are building your brand name so try to keep it professional. Otherwise, you lose your point and your main goals.

6. Share useful content.

Sharing tips is so attractive. We all want good and fast access to info. So use this to your advantage.

7. Be relatable.

Try to show the atmosphere in the office in a funny way. Everybody likes to see people who are dedicated to work, but still enjoy their work while having fun.

We are sure that your content will be seen if you manage to use some of these tips. However, remember that less is more and don’t be discouraged if your first video doesn’t blow up. Consistency is the key!


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