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Metaverse, the idea of changing the world

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Seyedhamidreza Alavi, Author of the article.

Author: Seyedhamidreza Alavi

Date of Publication: 29/12/2022

The Metaverse still has a long way from being totally actualized.

The Metaverse still has a long way from being totally actualized. In fact, many discussions have already started regarding its benefits and what it may offer. However, many people are still full of doubts and ignorant about the metaverse's meaning and the changes it may cause to our futures. The fact is that coming up with Metaverse can bring many changes to our daily activities. Even now there are many people already working within Metaverse in virtual offices based on cloud social environments where avatars can interact with each other. Therefore, it’s very beneficial to know more about the areas in which Metaverse will interact with our future such as in shopping. So, let’s talk about some of them.

With artificial universe, you’ll be able to travel anywhere you like.

Traveling and staying connected through Metaverse

Things are quite different in Metaverse, if you would like to travel. Actually, if for any reason, you can’t do it in the real world, now there is a solution for that. With this artificial universe you’ll be able to travel anywhere you like, meet new people, make new friends and interact with them in the native environment. What’s more, there are no boundaries concerning time and space. Hence, you can have your business trip in the metaverse from Canada to Australia within seconds by moving from one room to another.

Metaverse and Global Economy

At the moment we estimate that the market value of the metaverse will have been around 800 billion dollars by 2025. In fact, there are many people who have already bet on it by investing their money in it. For example, a popular type of investment is by purchasing virtual real estate. In this way people purchase domain names and put their desired price on them and just wait for an interested client who would like to buy a domain and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on it.


Metaverse has the potential of altering the whole structure of traditional education.

Metaverse has the potential of altering the whole structure of traditional education as well. There would be no more need for students to attend universities and classes in the real world. Specifically, they could choose to attend virtual university classes provided by the metaverse. Thanks to the metaverse, from now on teachers and students can meet up together in virtual classrooms regardless of the real-life location. Of course, virtual reality headsets are a big help in this scenario.


Since the covid 19 came and affected people’s lives with the restrictions, there has been a significant decline in the need for physical contact and being present. A lot of people tend to do their work remotely and the fact is that it’s becoming quite normalized among them. We are living in a world that is gradually adapting itself, especially after the pandemic toward remote working. So now this has become an integral part of the workforce. The recent shifts toward work activities are aimed to change our daily routine. activities that used to be spent within offices and companies will be replaced by virtual alternatives within the cloud. By now, Platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet etc have done most of the work toward the shift in the work culture. However, there would be no such need for them in the future. Metaverse has some advantages compared to the currently mentioned platforms by bringing a 3D environment. Therefore there will be no need for the 2D internet world.


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