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Maximize Your SEO Success with WordStream's Free Keyword Tool

Updated: Jan 5

The author Nensi Klasan of the article:" Maximize your SEO Success with WordStream's Free Keyword Tool".

Author: Nensi Klasan

Date of Publication: 01/01/2024

In a dynamic world of online marketing every click counts. For this reason, choosing the right tools can result in a significant difference between success and failure. One of the first and most important steps at the beginning of any marketing campaign on the internet is keyword research.

However, to increase visibility on a search engine, you need to do good keyword research which requires strong tools. Actially, there are a lot of keywords tools online, but very few of them are free and offer a quality result. One of them is a WordStream

What is WordStream?

WordStream keyword tool

WordStream is a marketing and administration software product. More specifically, it consists of various tools and services to help businesses to optimize their advertising campaigns through online services. One of the most popular tools they are offering is a WordStream Keyword Tool.  This keyword tool offers hundreds of relevant keywords in a way that is easy to understand and take advantage of. 

Key features of the WordStream Keyword Tool

  • Keyword Suggestions

Keyword suggestions are an important factor in search engine marketing campaigns. This tool generates a list of keywords that might be relevant to your business. Having keywords generated by a keyword tool offers benefits like cost saving, resource savings and more precise targeting.

  • Keyword Grouping

Grouping the keywords that are related to each other is very important for organizing and structuring ad campaigns.

  • Keyword Metrics

WordStream’s tool can provide metrics for each keyword, such as search volume, competition level, and estimated cost-per-click (CPC). These insights help advertisers make informed decisions about which keywords to target.

  • Negative Keyword Suggestions

In addition to suggesting relevant keywords, the tool may also recommend negative keywords. Negative keywords are terms for which an advertiser does not want their ads to appear.

  • Integration with Ad platforms

WordStream often integrates with popular advertising platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads. As a result, it makes it easier for users to implement their keyword strategies directly within these platforms.

Advantages of using Wordstream

You can utilize the WordStream user-friendly interface to input a relevant term or the URL of your website. The tool leverages the latest Google search data to generate an extensive list of keywords tailored to industry and location. This information can be helpful in identifying keywords with the potential for high impact

Once you've identified and prioritized your keywords, the tool allows you to download a comprehensive list. This list becomes an asset for your digital marketing efforts. For example, it can be used to enrich SEO content, ensuring that your website aligns in order with user queries. At the same time, you can incorporate these keywords into your Google Ads campaigns. This way, you can increase the precision of your targeting and boosting the relevance of your advertisements.

SEO keyword tool: WordStream

How to use WordStream Free Keyword Tool

  1. Visit the WordStream website and locate the free keyword tool section.

  2. Enter your primary keywords or topics relevant to your page.

  3. Explore the generated list of keyword suggestions, paying attention to search volume and competition metrics.

  4. Select keywords that align with your content strategy and audience preferences.

  5. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your posts for optimal SEO benefits.

Is WordStream worth it?

WordStream Free Keyword research tool simplifies the process of not only finding relevant keywords but elevates your marketing strategy . In particular, it does so by providing important insights and a rich range of targeted keywords. Therefore, integrating this tool into your work will help you reach new audiences, optimize your marketing spend, and initiate your online presence. 


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