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Marketing through YouTube

Updated: Jan 29

The author Shaïna Peek of the article:" Marketing through YouTube".

Author: Shaïna Peek

Publication date: 15.11.2023

In recent years, social media platforms have become the biggest marketing tools for businesses. However, all these different channels can make it difficult to orientate on the best platforms to use. Therefore, this article will explain the importance of Marketing through YouTube to help you decide the usefulness of this platform for your company.

Advantages of YouTube marketing

Advantages of YouTube marketing

Google platform

YouTube is a part of Google. So, YouTube videos also pop up for Google searches. Consequently, the platform has a wider reach. People can stumble across the company’s marketing platforms more quickly, increasing popularity. Also, this can cause an increase in customers.

Engage customers

Videos are more engaging than advertisements that have to be read. The reason is that videos are able to grab the attention more through all involved factors. For example, the music and animations. Besides the higher conversion rates, videos also make people feel more motivated to act. So, they are more likely to further engage with the company through videos.

How to create videos

Create a channel

 create a YouTube channel for the business.

Firstly, create a channel for the business. For clarity, it is best to name the channel the company name. If you have a company logo, you can use that as the profile picture. Then, there is the opportunity to briefly describe the channel and business. After this step is completed, you can begin being active on YouTube.

Research consumer behaviour

In order to find the marketing best for the business, it is important to understand the customers. For this, you can use data collection on social media trends and online consumer behaviour. Also, consider looking at competitors and their advertisement methods. Through this you are able to assess the consumer needs and wants better and modify your ads accordingly.

Designing platforms

To create videos, there are some platforms that can be used for free. Firstly, PowerPoint is automatically installed on most computers. This app provides effects on texts and pictures, along with other design aspects like the background colour. Secondly, Canva is an easy app to use. This app provides animations and effects. It also allows music to be added to videos.


Now that you have an account and can design videos to your own idea, you can begin uploading. Try to find similar subjects to upload about, to give the channel a professional look. Also, it can help to create a schedule for uploading. By creating this schedule, it is easier to remain active on the profile. So, the account will look more professional by having similar themes and a consistent schedule.


After finding your rhythm, it is possible to extend the activity on YouTube. The business can find partnerships with other YouTube channels. For example, influencers regularly take sponsors. This can be an addition to the marketing. Additionally, you can make videos with other accounts and people. This way, both accounts promote each other on their separate channels.

Why marketing through YouTube?

To conclude, marketing through YouTube offers a new and bigger demographic. It is an easy platform to understand and use. Also, it offers more creativity for marketing, as well as more opportunities. With time, its popularity offers room for partnerships. So, if this interests you, consider creating an account. Once you have started with the first step, it’s easy to complete the entire process.


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