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LinkedIn Is Where The Money Is

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and has been constantly growing ever since, as well as being the biggest business to business social network in the world. Its not just about having a LinkedIn profile anymore, now its more about how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, and how to make it useful for your career; in able to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers without wasting anytime. In order to be an all-star here are some tips you need to take into consideration through building the right communication network and making your profile stand out from other profiles.

Tip number #1

First tip would be completing your profile knowing that 50% of LinkedIn profiles present on LinkedIn are not complete. The complete profile is called all-star you need to complete your profile in order to reach the all-star level. You obviously will be asking yourself why I’m insisting on this point because when you reach all-star level your profile will appear on the top of all relevant profile searched, through adding work experience, work tasks, duties, and education. One of the essential elements of doing that is also having your resume match your LinkedIn profile.

Tip number #2

LinkedIn has reported the profile with a picture gets 15 times more profile views rather than a profile with no picture as well as it is important to update your cover photo relevant to what you are doing. A “Good Quality Picture” what does mean?

Your profile picture is one of the first thing the recruiters and hiring managers look at when they look you up on LinkedIn.

Quality of the photo is a must in order to fit your profile. The photo should be a recent picture of you, high quality or (high resolution) in order to look professional. Highly do not recommend wedding pictures, selfies, with animals. These pictures will get you attention except for the one LinkedIn platform is known for.

Tip number #3

Customize your headline, think of your headline as if it is your business card it must be clear having a job title and industry are essentials. Include specialty and avoid generic headlines. There is 120 characters which will enable you to make your headline stand out which are more than enough.

Tip number #4

The summary should address who you are, who you work with, as well as having 2,000 characters to create a summary. Summary can sum up professional history, qualification, and personality can also give viewers a clear idea about who they are dealing with.

Contact details, email or phone number or both. These elements should be present on your profile in order to be on the right track. Moreover people out side your network can not see your contact details, Therefore putting your contact details in the summary is a good idea it will make the contact with you faster and easier during the time when your searching for a job.

Tip number #5

Customizing your URL will you to bran yourself, it allows you to reference to your LinkedIn page easily, into your resume and other documents.

Tip number #6

Ask for recommendations from current or previous managers, colleagues are essentials.

Asking for recommendations gives you the opportunity to have others reinforce your claims.


Selection representatives invest a LOT of energy on LinkedIn and they glance through many profiles. They ordinarily see exactly the same things every day again and again.

However, when they see an extraordinary, exceptional profile that somebody put exertion into, it sticks out and catch the hiring manager’s eye.

Furthermore, when that occurs, they're bound to need to converse with you about open positions, welcome you to meet for a position, or add you to their organization.

So if you follow the tips above, you'll have the option to make a champion LinkedIn profile that assists you with developing your organization quicker through spotters so you can land more position meetings and get a new line of work significantly quicker.

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