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LinkedIn Is Where The Money Is

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Ever since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has been constantly growing. It’s even considered the biggest business-to-business social network in the world. Therefore, making your LinkedIn stand out can be very helpful for your career. So, building the right communication network and making your profile stand out are key factors. In order to become a LinkedIn all-star, here are some tips:

Tip number #1 Firstly, it’s important to complete your LinkedIn profile. Especially since 50% of LinkedIn profiles are not complete. When having a complete profile, you achieve an all-star level. Additionally, as an all-star, your profile will appear at the top of all relevant profile searches. So, adding work experience, work tasks, duties, and education completes your profile. Therefore, having your resume match your LinkedIn profile is also essential to show all your experiences.

Tip number #2

LinkedIn has reported that profiles with a picture get 15 times more profile views than profiles with no picture. Also, it’s important to update your cover photo to be relevant to what you’re doing. Your profile picture is one of the first things recruiters and hiring managers look at. Therefore, a good-quality picture is important to fit your profile. So, the photo should be recent. Also, a high quality makes your profile appear more professional.

Tip number #3 Thirdly, you can customize your headline. Consider the headline to be your business card. So, including your job title and industry is essential. Additionally, you can include your specialty. Try to avoid generic headlines. The headline has a maximum of 120 characters, so that leaves enough opportunity to make yourself stand out.

Tip number #4

Then, there is the summary. You can use this to address who you are and who you work with. The summary has a maximum of 2,000 characters. So, it can be used to sum up your professional history, qualifications, and personality. Additionally, you can provide your contact details like your email or phone number. Importantly, people outside your network cannot see your contact details. Therefore, putting your contact details in the summary is a safe and smart option.

Tip number #5

You are also able to customize your URL. This will help you with branding yourself, as you can reference your LinkedIn page. For example, you can add the link to your resume or your email. Thus, contacts are able to more easily find your LinkedIn page.

Tip number #6 Finally, you can ask for recommendations. Current and previous managers and colleagues can provide their experience of working with you. So, others can reinforce claims you’ve made. For example, they can confirm the skills that you mentioned. Consequently, your claims are more trustworthy.


Selection representatives see many profiles daily. Therefore, having an exceptional and extraordinary profile can catch the eye of the hiring manager. Furthermore, they are more inclined to reach out to you. For instance, they might contact you about open positions or add you to their organization. So, following the above tips allows you to make a champion LinkedIn profile. This will assist you in developing your business profile and help you find business contacts.

Fouad Dagher author of article LinkedIn is where the money is
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