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Is Pinterest still popular in 2024 or is it an image of the past?

Updated: Apr 3

Publication date: 12.03.2024

Pinterest is a social network born in 2010 with the idea of ​​creating thematic virtual boards on many different topics, such as fashion, beauty, films, cooking, art, music and much more.

The service is based on the sharing of photographs, videos and images and is accessible through the browser version or the dedicated application.

Why do people use Pinterest: is it a marketing tool or a hobby?

There is probably no single answer to this question: Pinterest has many functions and can be used by individual users or companies for different purposes.

In particular on Pinterest you can:

1.    Find inspiration for your projects

On this visual discovery engine you can search for content you like through keywords and tags (they are useful to better define the type of content you are interested in) or through related images and videos (you can set up your search starting from a picture already present on the social network or use your device to take the starting photo).

2.    Interact with other users

Participation is a fundamental element of every social network. On Pinterest you can share your impressions through likes, comments and repins.

3.    Organize your ideas

There's a Pinterest section where you can collect the contents that interest you most in pre-existing virtual boards or create your own personalized virtual board.

4.    Promote your brand

Companies can use Pinterest to market their products and drive traffic to their websites or stores. The application allows you to associate a web page link with an image. The business version, designed for companies, allows you to use analysis tools and create advertising campaigns for a specific target.

5.    Scroll the app to relax

Being a social network based on visual content, it doesn’t require much attention from users and is suitable as a hobby. The average time spent on the network is just under 8 minutes.

Pinterest user data tells us a lot about the site's success

The social network affirms that “498 million people use Pinterest every month to find new ideas and plan their next purchase. They’re here to visualize and act on their future”.

Indeed, according to the data declared by the platform in the latest report, we can see that:

  • Women represent over 60% of the audience.

  • The age range of users is various: 71.6 million users aged 18 to 24 (27% of Pinterest’s total ad audience), 81.9 million users 25 to 34 (30,9%), 41.3 million users 35 to 44 (15,8 %), 27.1 million users aged 45 to 54 (10,4%), 22.9 million users aged 55 to 64 (8,7%), 11.4 million users aged 65 and above (4,3%).

  • 73% of users say they use Pinterest to start a new project.

  • 67% of users say they try new things found on Pinterest.

  • Countries with the most Pinterest users in 2023 are: The United States of America (90.1 milion active users), Brazil (34.2), Mexico (23.6), Germany (16.8), France (12.7).


More than 10 years after its birth, Pinterest is one of the 10 most famous and used social networks in the world. Probably its easy use, the large amount of content and the use of an algorithm capable of tracking in depth user interests are the strong points of this search engine.

As long as users can easily find what they're looking for, Pinterest won't have to look elsewhere for its users.


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