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Is Instagram still popular in 2024?

Updated: Apr 3

Author:  Veronica Agapanti

Publication date: 19.03.2024

You might be wondering whether Instagram is still worthwhile in light of all the other social media sites available. It undoubtedly continues to be a vital platform for people to interact with one another, exchange stories, and keep informed. It also helps content providers post interesting information, advertise goods, and interact with viewers.

Users are statistically more engaged and likely to interact with brand content than they are on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest when compared to other platforms.

The statistics show that numbers aren’t changing much in 2024 with the report showing that the 70.4% of users are using Instagram to post photos and videos, but only the 0.2% of the people who are using Instagram are unique to the social network. Most Instagram users utilize it in addition to other social media platforms like Facebook (80.8%), YouTube (77.3%), and TikTok (52.8%).

it’s growing steadily and the range of functionalities is still expanding rapidly. In fact, they’re launching some new features and updates this year like:

Group chat conversation starters in notes

It’s another way for users to engage and spice up their group chats by posting frequently used conversation starters. You can ask a question and others will see it and add their response so that all group chat members can view the comments and interact with each other.

Instagram DM’s theme

You may now select from a variety of theme options to personalize your chats.

How you do it?

1. Press the arrow located at the upper right corner of the feed

2. Select a conversation from your list of chats.

3. Select Theme after tapping the chat name at the top.

4. Select your preferred theme, and you're done.                   

Instagram introduces AI stickers for Stories and DMs

This feature is not available for everyone, but if is already available for you, you can create your own custom stickers using AI 🙂.

Zoom in on Instagram profile picture

Users may now view Instagram profile photographs in full size within the Instagram app, eliminating the need to use third-party apps. All they need to do is press and hold the user's profile picture from the level of their profile page.

Instagram launches its new app called ‘Threads’

Instagram recently released a new app called Threads, which allows users to follow profiles they're interested in, publish threads, and respond to others. In summary, it is a direct rival to Twitter.

So, is Instagram still worth it?

Instagram is well worth the investment because of its visually stimulating platform, which gives you the chance to present your company or brand in an approachable and interesting way. It's about creating a community, telling stories, and encouraging sincere relationships.

Consider Instagram to be your virtual greeting card. Posting content involves more than just sharing a picture or a video—it also involves starting a dialogue. Concentrate on producing content that appeals to your target audience in order to make the most of this. This might be discussing your personal journey, providing helpful advice, or even behind-the-scenes looks. Authenticity is the key.


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