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How To Write Persuasive Facebook Ads

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Simone from Vision Factory

Author: Simone Bellezza

Date of Publication: 06/02/2023

A simple guide on how Facebook ads have to be written to be persuasive to the audience and how to make them efficient and engaging ads.

Do you want to make a Facebook ads campaign writing a catchy text that persuades the readers? Here is a useful guide to help you make it! Nowadays, gaining online notoriety and free traffic is increasingly difficult without a valid strategy. However, to clear everything up, it’s important to explain first what a Facebook ad is.

Writing Facebook ads

We can refer to them as Facebook social media program for generating advertisements that drive traffic to your content. In particular, you can create sponsorships directed towards different targets and carefully track all results. So, the platform allows for an extra push on a platform that knows its users well. Also, it enables the creation of precise, effective, and functional advertisements. However, Facebook advertisements aren’t easy to understand and build up. This is because Facebook is one of the most popular social media used in the entire world. Imagine that the platform counts 2.91 billion monthly active users. So, let’s see how to write persuasive Facebook ads.

Is is useful to use a Facebook ads tool that allows dividing people into different targets.


Because of its high number of users, it is quite impossible to write the perfect Facebook ad that fits all the members. Thus, it’s useful as a Facebook ads tool that allows dividing people into different targets. Hence, this permits analyzing the target and writing different Facebook ads for different targets. In this way, they are more functional and persuasive. Actually, the target can be divided into:

  • Custom audiences: People that are already customers or leads.

  • Location: People targeted by different locations.

  • Gender: People targeted by gender.

  • Interests: People that are interested in the same arguments or products.

  • Behaviors: People who already visited or liked your page in the past.

  • Connections: People who already visit or like your page, or have connections that do that.

Anyway, when you think about Facebook advertisements, you might think of a large image, but in Facebook ads, copywriting is just as crucial as images.

Tips for copywriting in Facebook ads

Write directly to your target audience.

Write directly to your target audience

When writing online it is helpful to think that we are writing to a big audience. However, if you want to be effective, you should write as though you are communicating with only one person.

Different people need different advertisements

Why would you utilize a single, general advertisement when your clients come to you for

a multitude of reasons? Many customers will be interested in some of what you have to offer. Yet many will be most interested in just one area of your site. Therefore, it is important to know your audience. Ensure that the copy matches the visual Readers will be confused about what the ad is truly advertising if the content and the visuals don't match. As a result, they won't likely click, and your advertisement will be useless.

Your advertisement must always have a clear call to action.

Insert clear CTA

Your advertisement must always have a clear call to action. Users on Facebook seeing your ad without it, they won't know where to click or what to do.

Create a sense of urgency to act immediately.

Create a sense of urgency

With limited-time or limited-quantity offers, you can urge prospects to act immediately, even if they didn’t intend to buy right away.

Tell to target the pain points

Pain points are real problems that your audience or consumers are experiencing. Start by posing a question that will likely be understood by your audience. Next, by becoming more detailed, highlight the issue and the associated discomfort. Next, give your solution.

Keep the copy short and clear

All you have to do is to explain your product to people without useless and unnecessary words. Everyone should understand what you are selling, so use a simple vocabulary and cut the verbosity. In other words, just be reader-friendly.

Don’t be scared to use numbers

People are curious about the price. In fact, they want to know what percentage they will save if you are having a promotion. Effective copywriting techniques? Be clear with the numbers.

Take a look at other advertising

Since once your advertisement is online you can’t step back. So, be sure about your ad. Do brainstorming before and search for advertising to take inspiration from your Facebook feed while you scroll it. Analyze your competitor and also, look at which ones you want to click or scroll past.

Test your ad

To test the efficacy of your advertisement, you can create two different ones. Through shares, likes, and clicks, you can see which one resonates the most with your target.


In general, bear in mind there is no formula that works for every target and every reader. These are just tips that you can apply and test to know deeply your target audience and their necessities. If you have more time and you want to improve your Facebook ads skills deeply, you can a Google Digital Training course.


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