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How to welcome new employees

Updated: May 31

Author: Minna Mäkelä

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Date of Publication: 30/10/2022

It is important that managers make new employees feel welcomed to the company.

It can be very stressful and intimidating for the new employees when they have their first day at work. There might be many new duties that they aren’t used to, and the environment can be very different from what they are familiar with. Therefore, it is crucial for the managers to make new employees feel welcomed to the company. Likewise, if they work from home, you should make them feel that it is exciting to work with you. So, let’s take a look at a few examples of how to welcome the new employees and how they will feel welcomed.

Team meetings

Nowadays a lot of employees work remotely, so one example will be team meetings. They are easy to arrange and managers can tell the employees what their roles and tasks are in the company. What’s more, everybody could introduce themselves, so then they will get to know each other better.

Mentor in the office

If the employees work from the office, they need a support person or so-called mentor in the office from the beginning. With this person the employee will feel more unstressed and could easily ask questions. Also, this support person could get to know the employee a bit better, so they will have a comfortable feeling when they start doing the job.

Morning meeting with breakfast

Another thing that gathers people together is food. So, for example the manager could host a morning meeting with breakfast. This breakfast meeting should be casual, offering different kinds of brunch options from healthy to munchies. Also, if the employees are working remotely, these breakfast meetings can happen at a later time.

Welcome messages

As we all know, communication is the key to everything. So, when we want the new employees to feel welcome to the company, the manager could send them a welcome message. This happens through e-mail or Whatsapp, or even teams. In the welcome message you can include information for example about the working hours, job tasks, where to be and what time, how to dress to work etc.

Welcoming gifts

Besides these ideas, another perfect way to welcome the new employees is gifts. Welcoming gifts will make the new employees feel welcome to the company and appreciated even from the beginning of their journey in the firm. Examples of welcoming gifts are for instance a string bag with the logo of the company, a mug, some snacks, a drink bottle etc. It could also be a calendar or journal with the company’s logo on it.

Manageable tasks

At first, it might be hard for the new employees to get used to the tasks and to the new environment. So it is important to give them manageable tasks in the beginning. With this tactic the employees will start feeling more comfortable in the workplace day by day. Thus, when the time goes by and they are more adapted to the workplace, more challenging tasks can come up.


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