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How to successfully pass an interview

Updated: Feb 13

Daria from Vision Factory

Author: Daria Shulha

Date of Publication: 09/05/2023

The most important and decisive stage on the way to the desired workplace is the interview. So, here you’ll find some tips on how to successfully pass this stage. Any interview is a new experience that can be useful even if you aren’t in the mood to change jobs right now. Thus, this is an opportunity to evaluate yourself, make business contacts, and make sure that you’ve settled in your current workplace.

Being prepared fot the job interiew is key to success

Interview Tips

1. Be prepared

The very first piece of advice is to prepare. You can't go to an interview at random. It is necessary to prepare carefully by doing the following:

  1. study information about the company,

  2. find information about the person who will conduct the interview, and

  3. think over your speech presentation.

The company isn’t obliged to know anything about the candidate in advance. Actually, all responsibility lies with the applicant.

This is because they have to create the right impression, and show themselves as an adequate, constructive person and an experienced professional.

2. Be calm

Gather your strength and don't get nervous. In the first few minutes, try to tune in to the conversation by talking about the weather, etc. You can compliment the office, praise the view from the window, and congratulate yourself on the recently passed corporate holiday.

Firstly, it will allow you to "melt the ice", relieve the general tension, and put the interlocutor at ease.

Secondly, such a conversation will give you the opportunity to calm down, look around, gather your strength, and not be nervous. Remember, you shouldn’t talk about politics and high-profile events, because your views on them may not coincide.

3. Introduce yourself

You come to the interview to present, to "sell" yourself. Be in contact, and willingly answer questions. The phrase "read my resume, it's all written there" will not play in your favor.

Introducing yourself on the job interview

4. Be willing to share information

Be friendly, and open, and share information. Sometimes the candidate does not answer the question, saying that it is a trade secret, despite the fact that all the information is available on the Internet. Such behavior causes surprise among employers. It is also not advisable to be offended if they ask questions about their personal life (married, whether they have children or not). In fact, the employer just wants to see you as a reliable and permanent employee.

5. Go to interviews more often

Each new interview is an experience that makes you wiser, more professional and more confident. Even if you're not in the mood to change jobs right now, this occasional jolt is very helpful.


The interview isn’t only about assessing your skills, it is also your opportunity to get to know the company better. Not only do you have to impress the company, but the company also has to interest you. So, don't forget that getting an offer is not the main thing. The most important thing is to make sure that this is the place where you want to work every day.


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