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How to save money while traveling

Updated: Mar 27

Publication date: 26.03.2024

We're all aware that traveling is neither cheap nor easy. Depending on the destination and duration of stay, a trip can need months of study, preparation, and savings. However, with these travel money-saving strategies, it doesn't have to be as expensive as you think.

Travel in the "off" season

Many tourist attractions have "off" seasons, which are periods of the year when there is significantly less tourism.

There are numerous reasons for this, but it is typically weather-related: people who are only going on vacation for one week prefer to travel when they know they will have the finest weather, allowing them to fit all of their activities into the limited time they have.

If you travel to your preferred place during the off-season, everything will be less expensive, from souvenirs to accommodation — even plane tickets!

Be flexible with your flights

Some airlines provide excellent discounts on specific days of the week or months.  If you do not need to leave or return on specific days, you can search for flights using the "Low Fare Calendar" search function that many airlines have, which shows the cheapest days to fly.

Skip the extra fees!

If you don't mind being assigned a random seat, don't pay to select your own! This also applies to on-board meals; it is preferable to bring your own snacks and water, or to buy anything at the airport before boarding the trip.

Another significant money-saving tip: only fly with a carry-on bag! This not only ensures that your luggage never ends up in a different place than yours, but it also allows you to avoid paying checked baggage fees on every airline you take! If you take many flights throughout your trip, the savings mount up.

Discover hostels!

You may have heard of hostels before, but if not, here's what they are: locations that provide travellers with dormitory-style accommodations, where you may grab a bed for the night rather than a full room.

Staying at a hostel reduces the cost of traveling significantly if you don't mind sharing a room with other people!

Ask locals where to shop

Nobody knows the best place to buy groceries or eat out in a city or town better than a local. As you make friends in the region, ask where you can acquire the cheapest groceries and when or where nice meal discounts can be located; they'll most likely be pleased to guide you in the correct direction!

Take advantage of free attractions!

Know what chances are available to you in the place you are visiting, and don't be afraid to take them! Many cities offer free walking tours or pub crawls, and hiking trails are a great way to experience the countryside for free.

There will always be expensive things you want to do or see, so by taking up more of your time with the free-to-access items on your to-do list, you'll be able to save money for the big-ticket tour that you've been dreaming about... while still having a great time while traveling!


To summarize, traveling on a budget is not only possible but may also improve your whole experience by immersing you in local culture and interactions. You may dramatically cut costs while maintaining fun by taking advantage of off-season travel, flexible ticket options, and wise budgeting practices such as avoiding unnecessary fees and staying in budget accommodations like hostels. Furthermore, using local knowledge to find low-cost restaurants and free activities allows you to stretch your budget while still having unique experiences. With these money-saving tips in mind, anyone may enjoy the benefits of travel without breaking the bank.


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