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How to make your Instagram business page more aesthetically pleasing?

Updated: 5 days ago

In the last couple of years, social media apps have started to implement themselves more and more into the media space and slowly became trend makers all around the world. For that reason, many globally popular companies, but also the small ones, have started to use social media as their main presenting and promoting tool. One of the most popular ones is definitely Instagram. A lot of companies and influencers use it as their business page because of the reach they can get there, but also because it is easy to use and can be very helpful in developing their brand. In the text below you can find a couple of useful tips to make your Instagram business page more aesthetically pleasing.

The first thing you should have in mind when creating or upgrading your Instagram business page is knowing and defying your brand. Ask yourself: what are my goals? What do I want to achieve with this page? Who is my audience? What is my vibe? How do I want to be presented in the world? Except for that, think about the pages that you find inspiring and visually pleasing and try to go in that direction. You should always have your personal experience in mind, because if you don’t like the things you create, there is a big possibility that neither will other people, so believe in yourself and your content so you can stand out from a crowd.

When defining a brand, your profile picture and logo are important because they are the thing that makes you recognizable and different from others. Also, pay attention to your Instagram bio. Make it catchy, briefly describe what you do, put a link to your website, and set the tone for your page. That leads us to one of the most important things in making your Instagram profile aesthetically pleasing, and that is colours.

The difference between Instagram and other social media apps is the fact that Instagram is all about visuals. Therefore, in making your page professional, you must take care of the small details, and a smart way to do it is by choosing a recognizable colour theme and sticking to it. That will set a whole vibe for your page and make it visually pleasing. Many studies show that colour plays an important role in marketing products and helps in recognizing the brand. For example, there is a relationship between colour and emotion so explore that and see in which direction you want to go in. Have in mind that factors such as gender, age, and culture can also influence how an individual perceives colour. If it is too hard for you to keep a colour theme, then at least be consistent with a theme and filters. There are many apps for photo editing, so choose some and always edit and put filters on before posting so you have a recognizable theme.

The next thing that is important in making your business page more professional and being more relevant is to have a regular posting schedule because that way you pop up more in people’s feeds. Post constantly and pay attention to the best times to post on social media. There is no formula for ideal posting time but many people agree that the best engagement during the workweek is between 2 and 3 PM during lunch breaks and also between 5 and 7 PM when people are done with work. Another piece of advice is to check your insights so you know your audience. When switching to a business profile on Instagram, you have a piece of inside information on your followers and engagement, and that way you can track your content performance.

Furthermore, the best strategy is to use a variety of content types and that includes posting pictures, stories, reels, videos, and IGTV. Over the last period of time, Instagram Stories have become really popular and sometimes even more important than posts. It is a great way to be interactive with your audience because via Instagram Stories you can ask questions, create polls, create sliding scale rankings, and share links. You should also encourage others to share their experience so you can establish communication. Regarding posts, besides the visual part, you should also tell a story with your posts. People today, especially because of the current situation with the world pandemic, crave connection and communication so you should always be approachable and take time to respond to all of the comments and direct messages. Also, we are currently experiencing a trend of long captions which can make your profile a micro-blog. Use videos, reels, and IGTV to get more personal. Film your employees and let them tell an interesting story about their experience in your company, film your workplace, some of the things that represent your company, film pieces of your projects, and get creative.

Hashtags can also be a great way of increasing your target audience and getting more engagement. When using hashtags, have in mind to research them first so they are not too generic because that way the competition is bigger. Make them more personal as well as more specific. Everything is in the details. Back to the visuals, help yourself with emojis to tell a story better. They should be catchy and related to the subject. You can also find emojis that fit well with your brand and make them a primary part of your theme.

Here is everything in steps:

  1. Defy your brand

  2. Choose your profile picture, a logo and make a bio

  3. Choose your colour theme and be consistent

  4. Have a regular posting schedule

  5. Use a variety of content types

  6. Use hashtags and emojis

  7. be creative and unique

To sum everything up, making your Instagram business page more professional and aesthetically pleasing can make a great difference by making you stand out from a crowd, increasing your business, and making a name for your company. Decide what your goals are and make people want to come back to your page. As long as you are creative and believe in yourself, so will the others.


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