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How to improve legal English?

Updated: Mar 27

Author: Laura Dirina

Publication date: 19/03/2024

English is one of the most widely used languages in the international community. English is used in business transactions and is the language of technology. English has taken the place of Latin in international law. English is relatively simple to learn and widely used.

The easiest way to improve foreign language skills

The simplest and easiest way to improve foreign language skills is to do it naturally and without pressure. This means learning a foreign language in the same way as the mother tongue. At birth, a child only listens to language. Then the child begins to learn to speak. At the beginning of school, the child learns the alphabet and literacy. Finally, work on developing writing skills begins.


• Listen to legal content. The most common way to start hearing legal English is to listen to the news. A great way to improve English is to listen to audiobooks.

• Watch legal content. Watching interesting documentaries will complement the practical legal knowledge of various life situations and also accustom to English.Watching films about lawyers and other law-related professionals' work is valuable for improving legal English.


• Use Al or other technology to improve English speaking skills. For example, SmallTalk2Me is an Al-powered simulator to self-practice English communication skills. There are also online opportunities to practice English talking with natives.

• Study abroad. It will be a significant improvement in English communication skills.

• Do an internship abroad. It also will be a significant improvement in English communication skills. That is the opportunity to get practical experience in work and law.


• Read legal texts. The laws of many countries have been translated into English. Reading them will enrich the knowledge of legal English. Various legal content articles are also valuable reading material to improve Legal English.

• Read legal journals. There are various journals in different areas of law. International law is discussed in the European Journal of International Law andthe American Journal of International Law.


• Use a grammar checker. For example. Grammarly. It is a browser extension that assists in reviewing spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It offers quick error detection and correction suggestions.

• Do exercises and tests. For example, Anglofon exercises and tests for Legal English. That is a way to test and improve knowledge of terminology, accuracy, and drafting skills in specific legal fields.

• Write articles of opinion. Writing is closely related to the process of thinking. In this way, the ability to think in English is developed.

Habit of English improvement

Every improvement requires making a habit of working on it every day. One of the books on building successful habits is Atomic Habits. It will help create various habits that improve professional and personal life.


Today's lawyer needs excellent professional Legal English skills. That can be developed by incorporating habits into everyday life that will not require much effort. However, excellent Legal English communication skills will be a significant advantage for a lawyer practicing internationally. There are many ways to improve English's communication skills, everyone can choose the one that suits their interests. The main thing is to know the basic conditions of language learning so that improvement is easy and pleasant.



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