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How To Create a Blog With Wix - Beginner Guide 2024

Publication date: 20.02.2024

In 21 century, most of our daily life is happening on the internet, so there is no surprise that people start searching for opportunities to put they life there. In internetlife”, just like in the stock market, you can easily get good money. People really get in to things such as social media. But of course, there are people who try to find different ways to earn money. Starting business on the internet has become an safe choice for people who don’t want to show their face on social media or risk money in the stock market. So, there is a chance for people to make business through social media. But how do you start your job online? First, you need to create a website for your company and Wix is ideal for that. This site specializes at web creating and can help you easily start your business without any difficulties.

Why should you choose Wix?

Wix is preferred given its easy use, providing an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that doesn't require any knowledge of coding. It has a large app market for further functionality, a wide range of customizable themes, and built-in capabilities for websites, including e-commerce and SEO tools. Wix is famous for its automatic updates, thorough customer service, and dependable hosting. Because it can be used by users of all skill levels, from novices to experts, it is an affordable option for effectively building and maintaining websites.

How to use Wix?

• Register with Wix:

Go to the Wix website to create a new account or login in with a previous one.

• Select a Template:

Choose "Create New Site" and "Blog" as the type of website you want to build. Choose a blog template from a huge variety offered by based on the subject matter and style.

• Customize Your Template:

To add your feel to your template, use the Wix Editor. You may add new items like photos, videos, and text boxes, as well as alter the design, colours, and fonts.

• To add blog posts:

Open the editor and navigate to the Wix Blog Manager. You may now begin adding blog entries. Compose your articles, include photos, and alter the appearance and style of each post.

• Boost for SEO:

To improve your blog's search engine ranking, make use of Wix's integrated SEO features. Give your blog posts descriptions, meta titles, and keywords.

• Preview and Publish:

Check out how your blog looks on desktop and mobile devices by previewing it before publishing. When you are happy with it, simply click "Publish" to activate your blog.

• Post & Share the Word:

To draw readers, post links to your blog on various social networking sites. Take advantage of Wix's marketing features to help you advertise your blog even more. Could not get easier than that!

All that being said, Wix can serve as a solid tool to begin promoting your business. With following just a few basic steps, you can bypass all the frustration of coding your website and focus on other important strategies for your business instead.


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