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How to build customer loyalty

Updated: Jan 29

The author Shaïna Peek of the article:" How to building customer loyalty".

Author: Shaïna Peek

Publication date: 10.11.2023

Company goals and values are significant factors in deciding the type of relationships with customers. For this reason, companies can wish to focus on the loyalty of customers. This ensures more stability and more direct marketing. Here are some tips to increase customer loyalty.

The positives of customer loyalty

Having a loyal customer base provides more stability and security. Actually, this i a a nice way to motivate customers to buy again from the company to increase sales. Due to this, the profit of the company increases as well. Also, having customers re-visiting the website increases traffic. This can cause the company to be shown as a higher result on the internet. So, its popularity helps it be more noticeable.

   How to build customer loyalty

How to build customer loyalty


Firstly, sharing the company goals and values provides more information to customers. For that reason, dedicating a page to this information makes the company seem open and clear. This creates more trust in customers and it makes the company more memorable. As a result, people are more likely to engage with the company again.

Customer service

Also, it is important to keep customers satisfied. Although most companies wish for their performance to be up to par, mistakes sometimes happen. Thus, it is best to have protocols in order to minimise mistakes.

For example, being available regularly and responding fast to customers makes them feel heard and respected. Besides this, avoiding arguments and looking for a solution together helps uphold loyalty. So, providing good support to customers increases customer experience.

Offer rewards

In order to encourage long-term relationships with the company, you can offer loyalty rewards. By offering discounts for additional orders or for subscriptions, customers will place more orders. Additionally, customers might participate in word-of-mouth marketing by telling family and friends about the discounts. This way, the company gains more customers.

Direct marketing

Once the company has established its customer base, it can assess the interests and behaviour of the customers better. Through this research, marketing can be aimed more at the current customers. In particular, through email and social media accounts the company can offer personalised marketing. This personalised marketing creates inclusivity and encourages interaction with the company.

listening the people's feedback


The best way to improve your business operations is by listening to the people who impact the success of the company. Doing so, you offer customers opportunities to give their personal opinions helps to find faults. As well as allowing research into the company, customers also become a part of the operations. Their opinion impacts the company and causes changes. So, customers are made to feel important and are able to help the company.

Host events

Besides direct marketing, if the company has experienced enough growth, it can also host events for its customers. This way, the company can show its appreciation for the loyalty shown by the customers. For instance, the CEO can host a meeting where customers can directly talk to them. Otherwise, the company can arrange a party for the most loyal customers. Therefore, by hosting these events, customers feel validated and part of the family.


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