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How to build good working relationships in your new job?

Updated: Jan 31

The author Feride Ongun of the article:" How to build good working relationships in your new job?".

Author: Feride Ongun

Publication date: 09.10.2023

Nowadays, being permanent at work and establishing good business relationships have become as important as finding a new and satisfying job. So how can we build good business relationships? You should continue reading this article to find the answer to this question.

Effective Communication for a good working relationship

To a good relationship a good and effective communication

The first step to a good business relationship is good and effective communication. All social interactions involve communication. 'Business Life' is also an area where social interaction takes place. For good communication, it is important to be a good speaker and a good listener. By speaking clearly and concisely, you convey your expectations to the other person clearly.

Additionally, if you are a good listener, you will clearly understand the other person's expectations.

Mutual Adaptation and Meeting Needs

The second step that is important for a good business relationship is mutual adaptation and meeting needs. Only business-oriented communication has been replaced by mutual harmony and meeting needs. According to this understanding, when an individual enters a new job, there is an unwritten agreement. This agreement is about the parties' expectations from each other.

You can review the table below to find out what these expectations are:

Expectations of Individuals

Expectations of the Organization


An honest full working day

Opportunity for Personal Development

Organizational loyalty

Recognition for Good Work

Initiative, assertiveness


Compliance with organizational norms

Friendship and Environmental Support

Work effectiveness

Open and Right Effort

Flexibility and willingness to learn and develop


good working relationships based on trust

The other step is trust. We must give the other person confidence that we will satisfy his/her wishes. In fact, this unwritten agreement is based on mutual trust. If there is no trust, we can say that there is no agreement, and this shows us that the business relationship is not going right from the very beginning.


The last step is responsibility. It is important for individuals to fulfill their work-related responsibilities. This is because no one wants to work with someone who is not aware of their responsibilities. These responsibilities are mutual, that is, both the employee and the employer have responsibilities towards each other.

Let's examine the table below to learn about these responsibilities:

Responsibilities of the Employees

Responsibilities of the Employer

Performing reasonable work

Paying a reasonable wage

Consistently good work

Employment security

Efficient work

Wage increase based on seniority

Overtime and work

Opportunity for advancement

Doing quality work


Loyalty to the organization

Job Security

Individual self-improvement

Providing organizational opportunities


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