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How the Qatar World Cup in 2022 will affect the Business Sector

Updated: Apr 18

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Author: Janine Jenksman

Date of Publication: 05/02/2023

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World Cap in Qatar and its results in Businesses

Qatar World Cup Effects

1. A bigger capital for the hotel industry

Now that there are more visitors, the hotel industry will experience a rise during the FIFA World Cup as more people will need places to stay, eat, and drink. What’s more, the victories of their nation are also being celebrated by fans at nearby eateries and bars. So, the gains made here will have an effect on Qatar's broader economy.

2. More retail sales

In addition the local stores and malls will undoubtedly see record-breaking sales. In particular, people will shop, either to fulfill needs or to add something special to the trip. As a result, the national businesses and economy will definitely benefit from this.

3. Development of sports settlements

Sports villages will be constructed close to the sites by legal governments and private property developers. Actually, during the World Cup, visitors and spectators can remain there in temporary housing and take advantage of the food outlets and other paid amenities. Thus, these will aid the government in raising money.

4. Promote tourism firms

One of the most adored sports is football. Hence, to applaud their teams and players, fans from all around the world will come to this location. As a result, the airline will do more business. In addition, there will be a rise in demand for taxis and other forms of internal transportation for commuting within cities and touring. It goes without saying that there is a definite prospect of a boom in the travel and tourist industry in Qatar.

5. Supports the street food merchants

The vendors of street foods will profit for sure when there are gatherings centered on such a fantastic event. In fact, street food vendors will be a major source of nourishment for fans and other tourists. Additionally, this will boost the nation's overall revenue.

6. A boost in football accessory sales

Nobody can dispute the fact that children and even adults may be seen purchasing footballs, flags, and team jerseys specifically made for the World Cup. So, several regional sports equipment producers and retailers will continue to produce and market these goods during the FIFA event. Consequently, it will improve the GDP of the nation.

To sum up, the world cup had a massive impact around the whole world. As for my personal experience this winter whilst living in Spain, I have noticed some things. During Morocco 's wins in the group stages, the Moroccan fans used to fill the streets in happiness and it was a wholesome sight. Many cars on the street had people waving their flags in joy. Lastly, the day of the final was one to remember as Barcelona is where Messi had played for a long duration so there were many fans supporting and celebrating Argentina’s big win. The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona was packed with fans celebrating and singing chants which was a memorable night. What an event, aah!

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