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How Music Influences your Work

Updated: Jan 31

The author Maria Nawrocka of the article:" How music affects your work".

Publication date: 04.10.2023

Music has power. Scientists claim that it helps with diseases like for example Parkinson’s. Take a look at the video below. This old man improved his walking skills immediately after hearing the music.

Moreover, due to music, you can tune your mood. It can help you to get through hard times, to connect with your emotions and understand your feelings. But is there any chance to tune yourself to be more productive? Let’s consider different situations to see how it actually works.

Your personality and music

Sometimes the influence of the music depends on your personality. If you are more extroverted, you are probably more willing to listen to music during work. It is because as an extrovert you need more triggers to feel good. Opposite for introverts. If you are introverted, some noises including music in the background can be only a distraction for you. But there is also an option for both of the personality types.

Mozart effect

You can find a lot of articles about the Mozart effect. You probably heard that this phenomenon is connected to studies which investigated the influence of classical music on children and students. The results show that classical music helps to get better scores in studying and to stay focused.

As a fun fact, I would add that classical music helps not only people but also animals. One day, psychologist, Sergio Della Sala, visited one of the Italian farms which produces mozzarella. The farmer surprised him by the fact that his cows listen to classical music three times a day and this is the reason why they produce better milk.

But returning to the main topic, why is classical music so magical and why can it improve your skills immediately?

Brain work during listening to music

We can read brain work as waves. The scientist, Alan Harvey, conducted an experiment which showed how the brain works while listening to different types of music. Actually, he demonstrated that when you hear classical music your brain waves are constant and when you hear clinkers, your brain works very irregularly.

Comparing brain waves to different states of mind, we can see that classical music influences the brain the same as meditation. That is why we can be more focused and calm when we hear classical music. Due to regularity in this type of music, your work is also more regular.

Is classical music the only way to be more productive?

Classical music: a way to improve your productivity

There is hope for those who don’t like classical music. Some studies show that the key of productivity is to provide your brain engagement and enjoyment. If you need to boost your energy and you know that it helps you to stay on the working track, use energetic music. Even if you feel like listening to heavy metal, feel free. You are the one who knows what is the best for you.

Does music influence our productivity at work?

Music influence our productivity at work

Music can definitely influence your work. It helps to be focused, to get more energy or to maintain the process. Sometimes you need it just to block noises around. Other times, you just want to find specific inspiration or some kind of trance. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

But if you still have a problem determining your goal, you can easily find playlists on Spotify which are prepared specially for work. Check the last link in the references to know more about it and enjoy your work!


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