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How Luxury Brands Support Arts and Science

Updated: Feb 8

Anastasia Chirkova  is the author of the article titled:  How luxury brands support. art and science

Publication date: 20.08.2023

The world of luxury brands isn’t just about opulence or prestige but custom-made quality. Over the decades, leading luxury brands have built rich associations with the arts, music, and sciences. These associations increase the brand's narrative, creating a synergy of excellence far from simply a commercial attempt.

What’s more, the support comes in different forms such as partnership, patronage, foundation or even artistic mentoring. Let's explore how some iconic luxury brands have crafted their legacy by supporting the world of arts, music, and sciences.

LVMH artistic commitment: a holistic approach to support arts

Luxury conglomerate LVMH with its subsidiary brand Louis Vuitton has been at the forefront of artistic support.

Louis Vuitton is luxury brands that support collaborations with art

● LV + Yayoi Kusuma collaboration

Yayoi Kusama is a globally renowned Japanese artist, best known for her unique and captivating works. She often incorporates psychedelic colors, patterns, and repetition. Similarly, the iconic polka dots of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusuma blended seamlessly with Louis Vuitton's designs. The 2012 collection indeed celebrated Kusuma's avant-garde spirit, translating her art into fashion pieces that were nothing short of masterpieces. Furthermore, the retrospective sponsored by Louis Vuitton ensured that Kusuma's work was not just commercialized, but also widely celebrated and examined.

Louis Vuitton is luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton support collaborations with art

LV + Jeff Koons collaboration

Jeff Koons is an American artist known for working with popular culture subjects and his reproductions of ordinary objects. He is particularly renowned for his balloon animal sculptures and the "Gazing Ball" paintings. Jeff Koons reimagined some of the most iconic artworks in history and transposed them onto Louis Vuitton bags, scarves, and other products. These artworks included masterpieces by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Titian, and Fragonard, among others. The inside of each bag from this collection featured a biography of the master artist being celebrated. Additionally, a portrait was included, bringing an educational aspect to the fashion piece.

Louis Vuitton Foundation  supports artists

The luxury brand Louis Vuitton shows its support for art and artists stands as a testament to LVMH's profound respect for the arts. Nestled in the heart of Paris and designed by Frank Gehry, the building itself is an ode to modern art and architecture. Actually, it houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Those exhibitions showcase contemporary art pieces. Beyond exhibitions, the foundation champions emerging artists, providing them with a global platform by hosting concerts, masterclasses, and seminars.

Audemars Piguet: Jazzing Up Time while supporting music

Audemars Piguet, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, has been a dedicated patron of the Montreux Jazz Festival. This partnership exemplifies the brand's commitment to supporting international music events. Their shared commitment to precision is evident, whether in crafting timeless watches or producing timeless music. As a result, this bond has deepened over time, captivating luxury aficionados globally.

Audemars Piguet is luxury brand that support music
Montreux Jazz festival

● Since 2010, Audemars Piguet has been instrumental in backing the Montreux Jazz Digital Project. This initiative has facilitated the digitization, rejuvenation, and safeguarding of the Festival's comprehensive sound archives. So, they made a collection recognized by UNESCO under its "Memory of the World" distinction

● In 2023 the brand Introduced a reimagined Royal Oak Offshore Music Edition, reflecting the festival's spirit. A 37 mm black ceramic piece, with a Tapisserie dial inspired by an equalizer, and other elements drawn from the music world. This addition further enriches the pre-existing five models, symbolizing Audemars Piguet's ties with the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Kempinski – “Crescendo” of Luxury Hospitality and Music

Kempinski Hotels, renowned for European luxury, seamlessly melds local culture, art, and experience. An exceptional example of this commitment is the Kempinski Concertini initiative. Beyond just providing a luxurious stay, Kempinski has created live classical music soirées, right within the lobby of their hotels.

Concertini sessions not only elevate the guest experience but also serve as a platform to champion young, local talents. As a result, guests are treated to heart-felt music and notes of maestros, played by artists from local conservatories. The brilliance of this initiative is multiple:

Kempinski is luxury brands that supports local talents

● Supporting Local Talent

Kempinski plays a crucial role in nurturing the next wave of classical music talents by offering them a stage and an international audience.

● Kempinski's Storytelling Suits

Overseen by the esteemed Richard Kosinski, the curator of the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Art collection, five contemporary Hungarian authors were invited to experience the suits and wrote short stories. Among them are :

Benedek Totth: Where It is Always Spring

Anna Terék - Lamplight

Imre Bartók - Jester

Anna Mécs - A walk under Intense Light

Rita Halász - Zoom

● Bridging Cultures

Arts and music enable guests from varied backgrounds to connect with the local culture on a profound level. Through initiatives such as Concertini and Storytelling Suits Kempinski not only reaffirms its values but also showcases its dedication to curating unparalleled experiences. Moreover, it underlines the brand's commitment to supporting the arts.

Swatch and science: Omega & NASA Odyssey

Omega's support of NASA has a long-established history During the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, Buzz Aldrin wore the Omega Speedmaster, making it the first watch to be on the Moon. ry. This partnership underscores the brand's commitment to precision and

innovation. Speedmaster is not just a watch but a symbol of human attempt and excellence. Moreover, Omega is in partnership with The Starmus Festival. In collaboration with the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication. OMEGA actively supports the acknowledgment of gifted individuals. They enhance these talents across various platforms like music, visual arts, and film.

Rolex: Timekeeping the Frontiers of Science.

Rolex's collaboration with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, dates back to the 1950s. When scientists needed a watch resistant to magnetic fields during their experiments, Rolex's Milgauss was born. The brand continues its sponsorship and support of science and exploration, symbolizing a quest for knowledge. Moreover, The CERN visitor center was built thanks to the generous support of Rolex.

Rolex is luxury brand that supports science

Is luxury brands' support of arts simply commercial?

The partnership between luxury brands and the worlds of arts, music, and sciences isn't only commercial. It's a celebration of excellence brands' commitment to contributing to human achievement and culture. As consumers or guests, we don't just buy a product or a service; we become part of a legacy, a story that blends history, artistry, and innovation.


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