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How Do Travel Blogs Earn Money?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Author: Berfu Balci

Date of Publication: 13/11/2022

How much you earn as a travel blogger depends on the content you are creating.

Many of us might have thought of becoming a blogger, vloggers, influencers, etc. However, at this point we usually find ourselves questioning these decisions because of various reasons. Not being capable of earning money is one of them. So far, it is known that growing organically on social media takes work and time. If you are in blogging, specifically travel blogging for earning money purposes, there might be many steps before making a decent amount of money. The questions are what a decent amount of money is, how much you need to/can earn per month and what are the steps to make that money?

What are the “Travel Blogs” and How Much Do They Earn?

To reasonably analyze the subject, let’s start with the “Travel Blog” concept. It is a website that includes travel-related content. Parallelly, a travel blogger is a person who creates content for that specific blog. Yet for the question “How much?”, it is not easy to say specifically the amount of money a blogger earns. The reason behind it is that the earnings change periodically, and it depends on the content you are creating.

So How Exactly Do Blogs Earn Money?

As for the question “how,” it is safe to say there are many components in this stage. We can start with advertisement. Suppose you are an account that has a large number of viewings. In that case, advertisement networks contact you to collaborate on your account. This might be passive income since you don’t have to do anything after getting the advertisement other than letting it work for itself! Of course, there are some requirements, for example, the viewing you get per month. Viewing expectations might differ from company to company. Therefore, to collaborate with bigger companies, you need to have more viewings. However, you can also find companies that are suitable for your viewing per month.

In addition, some companies may contact you to promote their products on your blog to attract your followers to their products. In that case, you create sponsored posts, and the control of how you present the product is most likely in your hands. For this kind of partnership, you can also reach out to the companies to show what you can offer and see whether they are interested.

Another way of earning money on blogs is affiliate links, similar to recommending something to someone in real life. As a blogger, you recommend through social media, and if someone buys it, you earn a commission. Everyone does this in their own field. For example, in travel bloggers’ case, these are car companies, tours, hotels, etc.

Some bloggers build connections by communicating back and forth with the countries or organizations for paid press trips. Those are basically the trips where your travel expenses are covered by someone else. During these communications, you ask that specific organization to create content for their work at the cost of sponsoring your trip. As a result, if you agree, you’ll be able to visit that country/city for free! When you have a known account or blog, it is more likely to accept this kind of agreement.

Selling of Their Own Products/ Work

After achieving a certain number of viewers, some bloggers launch their digital products and sell them on their blogs. That is another way of making money through social media. In addition to that, you can sell pictures to those who are interested. When you think about it, you are taking A LOT of images for your content. Some people might find your content useful for their own works. So why not put them to good use and sell them to others?

For blog owners, YouTube and podcast content helps improve their business. Since we live in an innovation era, people have different preferences. For example, some may prefer audio/visual content. Thus, it is essential to give people what they want. If you believe you are doing a good job, you may think of managing other peoples’ blogs or working with them as a virtual assistant for their blogs. Therefore, possibilities are limitless, and all you need is to use your creativity and be patient. You may not be able to get rich overnight, but you will get there. So, what is stopping you?


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