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How can ChatGPT help the recruiter at work?

Updated: Feb 5

The author Barbara Maciejewska of the article:" How can ChatGPT help the recruiter at work?"

Publication date: 26.09.2023

Artificial intelligence

We have been hearing about artificial intelligence for a long time. Many of us are afraid of it – that’s normal. Everything that is new – is raising eyebrows. But let’s set out ChatGPT and check out if it’s really something to be scared of.

What exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT (the Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an advanced natural language processing model developed by OpenAI. The company is creating advanced artificial intelligence (AI). For a reason ChatGPT is called “Google Killer”. This chatbot technology can generate human-like text. This is what makes it an ideal tool for various applications, including recruiting, talent acquisition, and sourcing.

What does the recruiter do?

As we know what ChatGPT is, let’s briefly remind ourselves what recruiter work exactly is. A recruiter is a professional who is responsible for finding, assessing and selecting suitable job candidates.

The role of the recruiter

Actually, its primary goal is to match the best talents to the job requirements and organizational culture. In particular, the main tasks he should do is understand recruitment needs, create an appropriate job advertisement and attract candidates.

Then it's time to meet them and choose the best person. Along the way, of course, he or she must stay in constant contact with the candidate and complete various systems to keep the data in order. This is a job that requires analytical thinking, great communication skills, organization and understanding of other people.

ChatGPT and employee recruitment - sink or soar?

ChatGPT and job advertisements

Firstly, recruiters can use AI to create an attention-grabbing job advertisement. It would be the first step to engage potential employees to see and read the ad. Also, ChatGPT can help recruiters understand what the person in this job position exactly does. Very fast we get a better understanding of the role we are interviewing for.

As a result both recruiter and candidate will perfectly understand what are the person’s responsibilities in this position. Additionally, the recruiter can get a keywords list for a job description and use it to come to a future employee and interests him.

ChatGPT and preselection process

Furthermore, ChatGPT can be used in preselection. How? It reviews the candidates’ applications and based on our criteria select those who best match! Every recruiter spends so much time doing the research and reading the CVs – ChatGPT could point out only those who have a point of contact.

ChatGPT and job advertisements

ChaGPT and interviews

Also it’s possible for him to conduct a preliminary interview and provide us with some basic information. We can be informed about the candidate’s experience, skills and expectations. Incredible, isn’t it?

Actually, it saves a lot of time and allows the recruiter to spend more time on preparing the questions for the interview. Also in this he can rely on AI, asking it to create an interview questions bank by the role he is hiring. The recruiter can modify them as much as he wants.

Let’s stay in touch!

What’s more, ChatGPT enables the recruiters to be in constant contact with the candidates by keeping the candidate up to speed. It does it by generating individual responses, informing what stage of the process the person is in, and what's happening with their application. So, it guarantees good candidate experience and ensures that the process is progressing.

Benefits and challenges of ChatGPT in recruitment

Looking at the above examples of using ChatGPT in recruitment with confidence we can say that there are numerous advantages for HR teams.

Cost effectiveness

Starting with cost-effectiveness as it replaces labor needed to do some repetitive tasks (e.g. sending the same responses to the candidates).

Benefits of ChatGPT

Time and velocity

Also it saves time and significantly speeds up the employee recruitmentprocess and improves its efficiency. In return recruiters can focus on strategic aspects of recruitment. But it can’t completely substitute human beings! AI can help you and will support you. However, nothing can replace personal contact with another person.

Can ChatGPT replace employees?

Sometimes the candidates don’t have enough experience or skills but are willing to learn and get better. In fact, ChatGPT could make them way better employees than someone who has the knowledge but doesn’t want to use it. The question for you to think a little: would you like to be recruited by ChatGPT?


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