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Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for Academic Integrity

Updated: Jan 29

The author Sotiris Koutsoyiannis of the article:" Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for Academic Integrity".

Publication date: 13.11.2023

In the realm of academia, safeguarding the integrity of your work is crucial. For this reason, plagiarism, whether deliberate or accidental, can lead to negative consequences. To deal with this issue and maintain originality there are numerous free plagiarism checker tools at your disposal.

free plagiarism checker tools at your disposal

Let’s take a look at seven free plagiarism checker tools in order to ensure the quality of your content.

Free Plagiarism Checker Tools


Gegin with Grammarly, a renowned tool for robust grammar and spelling checks. While the premium version provides in-depth plagiarism checks, a basic free version exists. Grammarly scans your text, highlights potential matches on the web, and serves as an excellent starting point for students and teachers.


Consider DupliChecker, a totally free online plagiarism checker. Users can paste text or upload files for analysis. The tool searches all over the internet for duplicated content, presenting a similarity percentage. Besides that, there is a comprehensive report to pinpoint potential issues.


SmallSEOTools offers a free plagiarism checker alongside various SEO-related tools. When you paste your text into the tool, it scans for matching content on the web. This way, it provides a similarity percentage and highlights potentially plagiarized sections.


For professionals, Copyscape is a well-known plagiarism detection tool. Though a premium version exists, it offers a limited free service. In particular, you can input a URL to check for duplicate content on specific webpages. As a result, it makes it a valuable resource for teachers reviewing student submissions.


This tool, plagscan, is often used by educational institutions, and offers a comprehensive plagiarism checker. While primarily a paid service, a limited free trial is available. For example, you can upload documents or copy-paste text for analysis to receive a detailed report with similarity percentages.

Quetext Quetext

Quetext is a user-friendly online plagiarism checker, providing free and premium versions. The free version scans your document for duplicate content and generates a similarity report. With its clean and intuitive interface, it's an excellent choice for students and teachers.


Another online tool, PaperRater, offers a free plagiarism checker in addition to grammar and spelling checks. Actually, it identifies potential plagiarism and offers insights into grammar and writing style. While the free version has limitations, it's helpful for quick checks.

Are there free Plagiarism Checker Tools?

plagiarism can negatively affect the credibility of academic integrity

Originality is fundamental in the academic and professional world. That’s why plagiarism can negatively affect the credibility of your work with serious consequences. These seven free plagiarism checker tools are invaluable for students and teachers. They help uncover and resolve potential plagiarism issues, ensuring honesty and integrity in education and research. Use them to preserve the authenticity of your work and uphold the standards of academic excellence.


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