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Energy tech summit in Rome

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Christian Bruno, author of the article with title "Energy tech summit in Rome"

Author: Christian Bruno

Date of Publication: 13/10/2022

Solar panels - Energy tech summit in Rome

On the date 14-15 November at Rome there will be an international conference on renewable energy, resources, and sustainable technologies. So, the conference would be an opportunity to talk about a large variety of topics.

Topics of conference

In fact, you must attend this event if you are interested in the renewable energy industry. More specifically, there will be a discussion about the future of infrastructure projects, government strategies and innovation market leaders. For example, some topics are the following:

● Renewable energy and resources

● Wind energy

● Solar energy

● Bioenergy and Biotechnology

● Sustainable development

● Engineering of energy and energy

● Waste of energy

● Smart grid

● Green energy and economy

● Bio remedy

● Nano Environmental Technologies

● Storage and conservation of energy

● Environmental impact assessment

● Geothermal energy

● Non-renewable resource

● Sustainable engineering and energy technologies.

Who is the manager of the event?

The Coalesce Research Group organizes this event. In particular, it will take place at the sacred island hotel airport of Fiumicino. Below you can take a look at the topics of the conference.

Price and service

The prices and service of this conference depend on the category in which you register. But the prices range from 799 to 1600$.

In particular, the registration includes the following benefits:

  • Access to all Presentations

  • Conference Proceedings Book

  • Certificate Accredited by our Organizing

Discount for all participants

Anyone who participates in this event, can take advantage of a discount through the code: VIPVISION.

Renewable energy sources in Italy

In Italy, renewable energy sources account for about 38% of electricity production, 20% of thermal consumption and 10% of transport consumption. Among the countries of the European Union, in 2020 Italy was in third place for the contribution to green energy consumption, behind Germany and France. The renewable source that guarantees the main contribution to the total production of electricity in our country is hydroelectric (41% of the total). Next comes solar (21%), bioenergy (17%), wind (16%) and geothermal (5%) . However, wind energy is growing progressively, albeit at a slower rate than in other European countries.

Presence of various energy

All the Italian regions are involved in the achievement of the 2030 targets, but the generation of renewable energy in Italy has important differences. These depend on the characteristics of the area and the distribution of resources. For example, hydropower is mainly present in areas that offer steep slopes, such as the Alps. Moreover, to a lesser extent, in the Apennine mountains, photovoltaic is more frequent in the South. There the insolation is better because of the wind in Sicily, Sardinia and along the southern sector of the Apennines. However, the site of excellence for the collection of geothermal energy is in Tuscany, in Lardarello. This is where the first geothermal plant in history appeared and where currently the largest plant in Europe stands. Although in percentage terms geothermal energy can’t compete with other renewables, Italy is at the top in Europe in this type of production.


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